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Claiming for a scooter accident

Have you been injured in a scooter accident caused by someone else? Have you sought medical attention for your injuries within the last 3 years? If so, then you should consider claiming for a scooter accident, using Accident Advice Helpline.

Claiming for a scooter accident

Unfortunately, scooter riders along with cyclists and motorbike riders are particularly vulnerable to becoming involved in collisions and accidents with other road users. Indeed, many of these accidents may actually be the fault of someone other than the rider; perhaps a car driver or bus driver.

As a scooter rider, your presence on the road may not be clearly visible to other road users who may fail to notice you in good time to prevent an accident occurring. Indeed, many motorists claim at the scene of an accident that they “just didn’t see the bike until it was too late”.

Claiming for an accident is so important for the rider, as they may have sustained life-altering injuries in the collision. Unlike other road users, a biker only has the personal protective equipment that they wear to protect them in the event of a collision with another vehicle.

The protective and enclosing shell provided by the framework of body panels is obviously lacking on a scooter. The consequences of this lack of bodywork means that injuries to a rider will be worse than those inflicted on other road users.

Accident Advice Helpline: Claiming for the compensation you deserve

No one deserves to be injured in an accident. However, everyone deserves the right to claim compensation for the accident and injuries caused in an accident that was not the fault of the injured party.

Accident Advice Helpline is a leading specialist law firm that has over 15 years’ experience of advising and assisting victims to register their claim, and start claiming for a scooter accident. To find out quickly, and in confidence, if you are eligible to make a claim, simply go online and participate in our 30-second test™.

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Our dedicated helpline is staffed by friendly and experienced advisers who have a wealth of knowledge about making successful personal injury compensation claims. At Accident Advice Helpline, we strive to ensure that all your queries are answered over the phone, leaving you to proceed with confidence towards making a successful claim.

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