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Claiming for a bus accident

Have you been involved in a public transport accident? Did you receive injuries that needed medical attention? Did your accident happen in the last three years? If so, and if you are interested in claiming for a bus accident or something similar, then you need to talk to us here at Accident Advice Helpline. We’re a law firm that was established in the year 2000, specifically to help ordinary people like you claim compensation for injuries received in accidents that weren’t their fault.

Over the years we have helped thousands of clients receive a share of millions of pounds in compensation. Our clients use their compensation to pay for their recovery, to receive enhanced medical care, or compensation can be a way of recouping lost earnings.

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One phone call is all it takes. You phone our personal adviser and tell them your details. We’ll want to know all about your accident. What happened? Who were you with? Who was at fault in your opinion? Then we’ll ask you to talk us through all of your injuries, no matter how minor, and you can tell us about the medical treatment you received.

At this stage, that’s as far as you need to go. You’re under no obligation whatsoever to trust us to make your accident claim for you. We can offer you free initial advice about how best to proceed and of course we’ll talk you through our no win no fee promise. You can ask us as many questions as you like. We strive to be open and transparent because we prize our clients’ opinion of us. Honesty is important, we’re sure you will agree.

Claiming for a bus accident

On the whole, claiming for a bus accident is straightforward. You’ll have witnesses to back up your story and there may well be CCTV footage, as well as records from the bus company itself. If the police were involved, we’ll access that information too and of course, we’ll want to see copies of your medical reports, so we can ascertain your injuries and treatment.

If you’ve been in a bus accident and you want to make a claim for the injuries received at that time, then you really should do so. Call us here at Accident Advice Helpline. Remember, just one phone call to our helpline will put you in touch with a personal adviser who can record the details.

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Call us today on 0800 689 5659.

If you are thinking about claiming for a bus accident, then Accident Advice Helpline is the only number you need to call.