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Claiming compensation for wrong tooth extraction

Having a tooth extracted is not a particularly pleasant experience. However, in some cases it is the best course of action, particularly if that tooth is rotten or has caused you a lot of pain. It goes without saying though, that you would expect the dentist to remove the right tooth. Just imagine being in the dentist’s chair and realising that you have just had the wrong tooth taken out. Now you have lost a tooth permanently and you still have the one that was causing you all the problems in the first place.

Wrong tooth extraction is very rare but unfortunately mistakes do occur. Prior to an extraction the dentist should be clear on which tooth is causing the problem. They should also determine that this is the best course of action. If they remove the wrong tooth they have been negligent in their duty as a dentist and this means you should get professional advice to see whether you could claim compensation as a result. It is hard to imagine just how devastating this experience would be if you went through it, but it is a situation you would expect to be compensated for.

How to claim compensation for a wrong tooth extraction

If you are unfortunate enough to have been through this situation, it needs to have occurred within the last three years if you are to stand a chance of claiming compensation. When you visit a dentist to have a tooth extracted you would never imagine they would remove the wrong one. It is fair therefore, to seek advice about claiming compensation since it will have a marked effect on your life from that point on. Even if you have implants fitted these are costly; compensation could ensure you are able to afford the treatment that will rectify the damage done.

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