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Claiming compensation for a mobility scooter injury

Mobility scooters are used by thousands of people every single day. While you see some people riding them on the roads, the majority use them on the pavements. The usual speeds for these scooters are somewhere in the region of 4mph to 8mph. While this doesn’t sound very fast, there is a potential for it to be a hazard when pedestrians are involved.

Every now and then you see a story in the newspapers about someone who has been knocked down by someone on a mobility scooter. Occasionally a mobility scooter injury can be fairly mild but the combined weight of the scooter and its rider often means injuries can be more severe. One case saw a victim knocked to the ground, fracturing her hip in the process. This ended up in a six-day stay in hospital for an operation, leading to long-lasting consequences. This is just one example of what can happen. Pedestrians are most at risk of such accidents as they use the pavements and often do not expect to see someone coming towards them at speed. Since anyone can buy a scooter and start using it, it does highlight the risks involved.

How likely is it you could claim compensation?

It might surprise you to know insurance is not required for people with mobility scooters. It is available but not compulsory at this time. This makes it all the more vital you get advice from a professional injury compensation lawyer if you have been in a collision and suffered a mobility scooter injury. Don’t try to get over your accident without checking to see if compensation is possible. An incident like this can be upsetting and while most people on mobility scooters are quite safe, there is the potential for accidents to occur.

Accident Advice Helpline is ready and waiting to take your call

It is heartening to know we are here and on your side when it comes to finding out what you can do after being involved in this kind of accident. Here at Accident Advice Helpline, we can provide you with no-obligation advice that will ensure you can find out your legal position. You may find you have cause to bring a no win no fee claim against the person who was riding the scooter, if you can prove that they were negligent in their behaviour. To find out where you stand, call our free 24/7 enquiry line now on 0800 689 5659 phone.