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Claiming compensation from the DVLA

The DVLA deals with a huge number of different issues affecting drivers in the UK. Inevitably, things sometimes go wrong with its processes. Although it has a clear complaints procedure, the organisation also has a reputation for processing complaints slowly and making it very difficult for drivers to seek recompense. Consequently, successfully claiming compensation from the DVLA can require you to have a good solicitor.

At Accident Advice Helpline, we have a wide network of experienced solicitors, many of whom specialise in driving-related issues. We can make sure you have legal representation as good as the DVLA’s own. Just give us a call if you want help to speed things up or increase your chances of a successful appeal.

Do not delay

The standard rule in compensation law is that you need to claim within three years of things going wrong. Three years might sound like a long time, but if you are caught up in a lengthy process of appeals, waiting months to hear back on each occasion, time can pass all too quickly. If you get in touch with us, our advisors will be able to tell you if they think you have a valid claim. They will not pressure you, but they will give you the chance to discuss your options, so you can get the legal process of claiming compensation from the DVLA started quickly if you suspect the complaints process might not work out for you.

In the first instance, you should write a letter of complaint to the DVLA, outlining your situation and noting any financial losses or expenses you have incurred as a result. You will need to provide them with a full set of personal details, contact information, the registration number of the vehicle concerned, as well as its make and model. If you are considering making a formal compensation claim through us, advise them of that. You may find that they offer to settle the matter with you more promptly if they are worried about legal action.

Making a claim

If you decide that you want to pursue a formal compensation claim against the DVLA, our advisors will put you in touch with an appropriate solicitor. Because we are a national organisation we can manage heavy case loads and we will never keep you waiting. We understand the frustration of delays and realise you are probably keen to get the whole thing over with.

You will not need to pay any money upfront to pursue a case with us. We operate on a no win no fee basis, so your risks are minimised. This also means that you can be certain we have your best interests at heart; there would be no reason for us to take your case if we weren’t willing to work hard and win it!

What is covered by compensation claims?

Claiming compensation from the DVLA is not quite the same as claiming personal injury compensation. Unless you have actually had an accident caused by them, you should not expect a large payout for your suffering. What you can expect from a successful claim, however, is compensation for the loss of or any damage to your vehicle, and money to cover expenses you have incurred as a result.