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Claiming compensation from a landlord

If you have an accident due to shoddy work or negligence on the part of your landlord, Accident Advice can help you to get the recompense you deserve. Claiming compensation from a landlord does not need to be stressful and it does not mean you first have to leave your home. Our experienced team will be able to let you know straight away if your claim is valid and talk through any concerns you may have if you want to pursue it.

Understanding your rights

The laws governing rental accommodation are very clear and quite strict. Your landlord is obliged to keep your property well maintained and conduct repairs within a reasonable amount of time (which varies depending on what is broken). They are also responsible for making sure that things like your water and gas supplies are in good working order, and they have to make sure that any shared areas of the property, such as a stairwell leading to other flats, are in a useable state. The only exception to this is where you have caused the damage yourself or agreed in writing to take care of a specific part of the maintenance.

There are several circumstances in which you can set about claiming compensation from a landlord. You may have suffered an injury, you may have become ill due to poor conditions or you may have been poisoned by a poorly maintained gas appliance. As long as a reasonable person could see that there was a risk, you may have a case. This means you will need to have warned the landlord about the problem and given them time to conduct repairs. You will also need to have seen a doctor who can confirm how you have suffered.

If the above conditions apply, any visitor to your home who suffers an injury could also be entitled to claim.

Getting help

If you want to try claiming compensation from a landlord, you can give us a call at any time of day or night. We can put you in touch with a solicitor who specialises in housing law. Because we operate on a ‘no win no fee’* basis, you will not have to worry about any upfront charges. If we win the case for you, the landlord will normally be responsible for paying our fees.

It is not advisable for you to withhold rent while waiting for repairs to be carried out, as this may affect your legal right to stay in your home. Once your case is underway, however, your landlord will usually do the repairs quickly in order to avoid being sued for a larger amount of money.

This area of law is most often applied to private landlords, but it is also possible to bring a compensation case if you are a housing association tenant or rent your home from a local council. You are still entitled to have a safe place to live and your landlord has a duty of care. If in doubt, just give us a call and we will be ready to offer advice.