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Claiming compensation for Asperger’s misdiagnosis

There are two types of misdiagnosis – either your GP could fail to diagnose your illness at all, or, more commonly, they could provide you with an incorrect diagnosis. For those suffering from Asperger’s syndrome, diagnosis can often be difficult, as individuals display normal to above average intelligence, often showing exceptional ability in subjects such as maths or science.

Asperger’s syndrome is related to autism and the condition is usually characterised by difficulties with social interaction, issues with non-verbal communication and repetitive, restrictive patterns of behaviour (not unlike those found in obsessive compulsive disorder). Children with Asperger’s may often be misdiagnosed with other conditions, including bipolar disorder, developmental disorder or even OCD. This could mean they are prescribed unnecessary medication or treatments which could worsen their behaviour.

With the right education and treatment, many individuals diagnosed with Asperger’s will go on to live normal, high-functioning adult lives, but misdiagnosis of the condition could mean children or young people don’t get the educational and emotional support they need to thrive. If you or your child has suffered as a result of Asperger’s misdiagnosis, claiming compensation for medical negligence may be possible.

Clinical negligence compensation claims

Whilst many people avoid claiming for clinical negligence, there is really no reason to feel fearful of the process. Your GP and other medical professionals will not take your claim personally – if your claim relates to misdiagnosis at a hospital, your claim will be against the NHS trust in charge, whereas if you are claiming against a GP, the practice will have specific procedures in place for dealing with this. A personal injury lawyer can help to allay your fears about claiming compensation. In many cases, misdiagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome in children can impact their future, so by securing a compensation settlement, you could at least secure your child’s financial future.

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Whilst some personal injury lawyers take the ‘hard sell’ approach, here at Accident Advice Helpline, we like to treat our customers as individuals. So you can call us 24/7 on our freephone helpline for confidential, no-obligation advice, or for answers to any questions you may have. Should you decide to go ahead and make a claim for medical negligence, we’ll work with you and specialist medical experts at every step of the claims process to get you the compensation you deserve. It’s free to call us, and we offer a no win no fee service, so you have nothing to lose by getting in touch.