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How to claim pub cellar fall compensation

Every pub has a cellar. This is where all the barrels of beer and other drinks are kept so they are out of sight of the people who use the pub, not to mention being safely stored. However, great care should always be taken to make sure the entrance to the cellar is well-marked and not able to cause an accident.

This is because the entrance to the cellar is typically in the floor of the pub itself. This isn’t always the case but often the entrance will be behind the bar or in some other area. Sometimes it will actually be set into the pavement outside the pub itself. This means people can walk across it when it is closed.

Potentially-serious injuries

Since the cellar is a floor below ground level, you can imagine what a fall from that level might feel like if you were to experience it. If you were behind the bar and someone opened the cellar without telling you, you might step backwards and fall down through the opening. Similarly someone walking along the street – especially if it was dark – might fall through the opening if it was left open with no one monitoring it.

Injuries could range from severe bruising and concussion to broken bones and even paralysis. You just never know what might occur if you were to suffer a fall of this nature.

What should you do?

Clearly, your first priority should be to seek urgent medical attention. In these situations an ambulance will usually be called so you can be taken to hospital to be checked out. When the adrenalin starts flowing through your system you may not always be fully aware of how badly injured you actually are.

Once you receive treatment and you know the extent of your injuries, you can speak with a professional injury compensation lawyer. They can let you know whether you have a reasonable chance of being successful in getting pub cellar fall compensation from the person responsible.

Calling Accident Advice Helpline is a fast way of making sure you can get access to such advice, which is available on 0800 689 5659. The sooner you make that call the easier it will be to get started with a pub cellar fall compensation claim if we think you have a good chance of concluding such a case successfully.