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How to claim mobility scooter injury compensation

Mobility scooters provide a practical and convenient way to get around for those who are infirm or cannot walk very far. They can actually open up the world and the horizons for anyone who may otherwise have difficulty getting around.

While mobility scooters are generally very safe to use, you do occasionally hear of incidents and accidents that occur involving these scooters. Some of these incidents might eventually result in someone claiming for mobility scooter injury compensation.

Injuries to riders and to pedestrians

If you own a mobility scooter you would expect it to be in excellent condition when you buy it. This holds true regardless of whether it is new or used. If you were to have an accident because the scooter was not safe to use, you might have good cause to claim compensation. You would have to have had an injury during the accident though – one that requires medical attention.

On the other hand you might be hit by another vehicle while riding your mobility scooter. Maybe you are crossing a road and a car comes around the corner at speed and hits you. Alternatively you could have been hurt as a pedestrian if someone else was riding on a mobility scooter and knocked you over. The scooters are quite heavy and can be bulky, and this can mean you end up being badly hurt.

Mobility scooter injury compensation possibilities

While some cases appear to be clear-cut and easy to work out in terms of whether or not you can claim compensation, this isn’t always true. This is often why people contact companies including Accident Advice Helpline. The laws surrounding compensation claims are very specific, and negligence must be proven in order for compensation to be won by any individual. It is then a matter of negotiating an amount to be paid, depending on how bad the injuries were and whether there are any other knock-on effects for the person concerned.

If you have been injured either using a mobility scooter or by someone else who was using one, do call Accident Advice Helpline. There is a three-year period of time starting from the date of your injury in which you have to make your claim. The sooner you call 0800 689 5659, the faster you can start getting answers to any questions you may have regarding your own accident.