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How to claim mobility scooter crash compensation

Often you will see people in mobility scooters when you are out and about nowadays. Some of them will ride the scooters in the road while others will ride on the pavements. Either way, the owners of those scooters should take great care when going about their business. The scooters are heavy and cumbersome, and they can travel at surprisingly fast speeds as well.

This is why you occasionally hear of people who have been injured in accidents involving these scooters. It is perhaps no wonder then that mobility scooter crash compensation will be sought by some of those who receive injuries in accidents with these scooters.

How bad can these injuries be?

Even having your foot run over by such a scooter could potentially result in bruising and broken bones. This could mean you cannot get about very easily for several weeks while the bones heal. In another example, being hit by someone on a mobility scooter can lead to some nasty injuries. Crush injuries might even occur if you are caught between the scooter and something else that is immovable.

Lawyers do occasionally handle claims like these when accidents like this occur and leave someone injured when it was someone else’s fault the accident happened in the first place. When you end up facing this situation yourself, you may want to consider finding a professional injury compensation lawyer with experience in handling mobility scooter crash compensation cases.

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Providing your accident happened within the last three years, you may have an opportunity to consider going ahead with such a claim. Accident Advice Helpline has handled many claims and put many people in contact with our professional lawyers over the years. Perhaps we are in a position to do the same for you as well.

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