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How to claim life-changing injury compensation

How might your life change if you were injured? Some injuries will change your life for a short time because you’ll have to do things differently while the affected part of your body heals. However, other injuries cannot heal beyond a certain point. This means you could end up being seriously hurt and have to adjust to a very different future.

Injuries that could cause a change in your life in this way might include head injuries and back injuries. However, even a serious injury to a foot could change the way you live. If you crushed your foot in an accident at work for example, you may be left with a permanent limp and nerve damage that means you cannot feel your foot at all. This is just one example of what could potentially happen.

Does this mean you could get life-changing injury compensation?

Many people will speculate about the odds of getting life-changing injury compensation if they have suffered an accident or injury that has indeed changed their life. Imagine for example you were working in a factory and your foot was run over by a fork lift truck. If it turns out you should have been issued with steel toe-capped boots and this didn’t happen, your employer might be found negligent.

Similarly, if you were injured and ended up in a wheelchair and that injury could have been prevented, compensation would certainly be a distinct possibility. As such you can work out whether you have a chance to claim compensation regardless of how your life has changed since the accident happened.

Does this injury have to have occurred at work?

No – in fact there are few incidences of work accidents leading to injuries that people must cope with for the rest of their lives. It is more common for someone to be injured as the result of an accident that occurs in some other location. For example you could be crossing the road at a proper crossing point and a driver could strike you because they weren’t looking and didn’t see they should have stopped. Other accidents might potentially include pedestrian accidents and those involving motorbikes and bicycles.

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