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How to claim industrial dermatitis compensation

Industrial dermatitis is a condition that is usually caused by working in an environment that causes some kind of irritation to the skin. We are all familiar with dermatitis, but in this case the condition is caused by something someone comes into contact with in their working environment.

For example, let’s say you work in a factory. If this is the case you might be working with various chemicals or other things that could cause inflammation of the skin. The name eczema can also be used to describe the condition. The condition might be caused if you are allergic to a particular item or if you are irritated by it. This is why irritant dermatitis and also allergic dermatitis are used to describe the condition depending on how you are affected by it.

What could happen to lead to a proper industrial dermatitis compensation claim?

Your employer has a duty of care towards everyone who works for them. This is why risk assessments are commonly-used in the workplace. They should happen in every situation where some degree of risk is associated with the work being done. In reality, every workplace could be said to have some risk, and this certainly applies in situations where industrial dermatitis could occur.

If you develop dermatitis and you believe it has occurred at your workplace, you should speak with your employer to bring it to their attention. They have a duty to make sure your condition can be managed and reduced in severity by considering how you work and making appropriate changes.

Do you still have a chance to claim industrial dermatitis compensation?

Yes you may well do. You would have to prove your employer was negligent to begin with, perhaps by not providing hand protection or similar protective items to prevent the condition from having a chance to develop. Handling certain substances should also be done with care and by following a specific procedure in each case.

In any event it is usually best to contact Accident Advice Helpline. We have helped many other workers make compensation claims over the years. You can be sure we will consider whether you have a chance to make any sort of claim on a no win no fee basis. Just call on 0800 689 5659 so you can find out whether you could be entitled to any compensation.