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Claim compensation for an injury over three years old

If you sustained an injury that wasn’t your fault, but it happened more than three years ago, you may be worried that you won’t be able to make a claim. The truth is that not everyone thinks about making a personal injury claim as soon as they are injured in an accident that was not their fault. This may be because they were simply concentrating on getting better, trying to help their family to get through a really tough time, or because they did not realise that they had the grounds for a claim.

Lost wages through not being able to work

Some people assume they will recover with help from the NHS and that they will not lose out financially from the accident. They then realise that they may have to wait longer than expected on NHS waiting lists, and when they do get an appointment it may not be as local to them as they initially thought.

As a result, they end up paying for private treatment such as physiotherapy. They are unable to work for several weeks and are losing money. They may not be able to care for themselves and have to resort to paying out large sums for personal care. Some cannot do simple household chores and have to hire domestic help. Others may not be able to look after their children and have to pay for childcare.

This all adds up, and they are told that if the incident was over three years ago then it is simply too late to claim. They are left thinking, “Can I claim compensation for an injury over three years old?”

You may be able to claim compensation for an injury over three years old

With some injuries, like industrial diseases, you have longer than three years in which you are able to make a claim. This is because you may not notice the symptoms for years afterwards. There are still some time limits involved here, but the best thing to do is to contact Accident Advice Helpline as soon as possible to get the best advice.

If you were in an accident and sustained an injury over three years ago, then in many cases, it is too late to start a claim. For example, if you were injured in a car accident five years ago and suffered whiplash the following day but did not make a claim, then you will probably not be able to seek compensation. You can confirm this by contacting Accident Advice Helpline. We have a team of highly trained specialist personal injury lawyers who can advise on time limits for claims.

Ask Accident Advice Helpline, ‘Can I claim compensation for an injury over three years old?’

If you are wondering if you can claim compensation for an injury over three years old, then Accident Advice Helpline is a good place to start. You can contact us on our free telephone helpline and chat to one of our friendly advisers. Dial 0800 689 5659.