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How to claim car accident anxiety compensation

Most people feel perfectly safe and protected in a car. However, if they were involved in a crash, that feeling of security could soon disappear. Even if the airbags and design of the car mean they only receive minor injuries, the feeling of vulnerability is only too clear in most instances. It would not be surprising, therefore, to find out many people wonder about the chance of getting car accident anxiety compensation.

Anxiety can affect anyone at any time, so even if you’ve never been affected by it before, that could change at some point. This could well happen if you are in a car crash, and it doesn’t have to be a bad one for it to occur. Some people are more predisposed to anxiety than others too. Furthermore, you may not realise you have it until you get back in a car for the first time after the accident.

Can you claim for anxiety stemming from a car accident?

It’s possible, but firstly you should take the step of contacting an advisor who regularly deals with situations like this. Someone working in the personal injury claims industry will have the experience to answer any questions you have regarding your accident.

You may not feel anxious to begin with, but getting back behind the wheel (if you were the driver) or even back into a car as a passenger can bring everything flooding back to you. This holds true even if you don’t drive anywhere near the site of the accident.

Find out today if you may be able to claim car accident anxiety compensation

Anxiety can be very debilitating. It is worth seeing your GP to report your symptoms so the details can be put on your file. Additionally, your GP might be able to provide support and advice on how to cope. Some people require medication to deal with more severe symptoms, but there are other forms of treatment as well. Remember, every case is different and speaking to your doctor might help.

Whatever happened to cause your accident, and however strong your case might be, the best thing to do first if you want to know about car accident anxiety compensation is to contact Accident Advice Helpline. You can do this on 0800 689 5659 now.