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Did your child receive a broken arm at school?

Every day, many thousands of children are taken to school by their parents. Older children make their own way to school, and in the afternoons, everyone heads home again. Few parents will ever have the experience of finding their child has suffered a broken arm at school.

You can imagine the fright you’d get if the school phoned to say your child had a possible broken arm and needed to go to hospital to get it checked. Even though the injury may not be very serious, any broken bone requires attention. It also means you will want to find out what happened and how your child received the injury.

Is it common to experience a broken arm at school?

No – this is very uncommon, in fact. You may remember someone breaking their arm while you were at school, but it is more likely no one ever did. Accidents can happen anytime, of course, and when they do, they can result in injuries that need to be seen to. But few children end up with broken bones.

Those in charge of running schools are also required to maintain good health and safety standards. Risk assessments are an important part of this. They are designed to ensure all activities, classes and sports are safe to take part in, and there are no hazards that could result in someone being injured. Of course, accidents can happen in all kinds of ways, so it may not be a sporting event or class that results in a broken arm. Slipping on a wet floor or having something fall off the wall onto a person could also result in the same injury happening.

Could you make a claim on behalf of your child?

If so, it is easy to find the answers you seek. If your child has experienced a broken arm at school, you have time to speak to someone about a possible compensation claim. While there is usually a three-year period in place in which a claim must be made, the time limit is different in claims relating to children. It only begins from their 18th birthday.

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