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What is the Child Accident Prevention Trust?

The Child Accident Prevention Trust has been set up to help combat and lower the amount of children who receive serious injuries or are killed in accidents of all kinds. The trust also covers young people. They provide support and advice to families, professionals working in industries that involve children and also those who create policies that have an effect on children.

They are perhaps best known for their Child Safety Week campaign, which takes place every year. This campaign enables them to highlight the issues of child safety and how to reduce the odds of accidents taking place. Various events take place across the week that are fully supported by the Child Accident Prevention Trust. Millions of people learn about it and many changes are made each year that could potentially save lives and reduce injuries that might otherwise have taken place.

They run a series of other campaigns too. For example they have focused on such dangers as hair straighteners, scalding from hot drinks and even poisoning. By raising awareness through their campaigns they have undoubtedly made a huge difference with many families and individuals who may otherwise have been hurt.

How likely is it that a child could be involved in an accident?

Young children are particularly prone to being involved in accidents because they do not have a sense of danger. Unfortunately many parents choose the ‘cotton wool’ route and prevent them from doing many things that are otherwise a part of a child’s life. The Child Accident Prevention Trust aims to educate people to the potential dangers so they can reduce the odds of their child having an accident, while still enjoying the process of growing up. Their campaigns aim to support this idea.

Child accidents could lead to a no win no fee compensation claim

It all depends on the individual situation of course, but if someone else was to blame for your child having an accident (or you believe this to be the case) you should call Accident Advice Helpline now. You have three years from the date of the accident to do this. Our professional injury compensation lawyers can determine whether you have the chance to make such a claim and whether you could soon be in receipt of compensation of some kind. contact us now for more information to see where you stand in relation to making such a claim.