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    "If you've been injured through no fault of your own you could be entitled to compensation. If you're unsure if you could claim, I recommend you call Accident Advice Helpline."

    Esther Rantzen

    Category : Whiplash claims

    Finding helpful whiplash compensation guidelines

    If you had painful whiplash injuries stemming from a car accident, you’d seek medical advice, wouldn’t you? So, it makes sense to find an expert when you are looking for whiplash compensation guidelines, too. Some people don’t agree with making compensation claims when they’ve been in accidents. They think it’s just ‘one of those things’….

    Common and uncommon whiplash causes

    What would you say the most common way of getting whiplash would be? If you know anything at all about this injury, even a small amount, you’ll probably guess one of the most common whiplash causes is through the impact suffered in a car accident. Since there is a wide range of severity involved with….

    Understanding whiplash and concussion

    A car accident can often lead to one or more occupants sustaining some degree of whiplash. But another common injury could potentially be concussion. You could easily strike your head on the window next to you if you are struck from the side, and since this happens very quickly and easily, the hit could be….

    Whiplash in winter – the risks

    Unfortunately, you’re more likely to sustain whiplash injuries in the winter than at any other time of year, as icy roads, slippery conditions and poor visibility combine to create hazardous conditions for driving. However, there are a number of steps you can take to reduce the risk of being involved in a road accident (and….

    How to avoid whiplash injuries

    Whiplash injuries are sadly all too common in even relatively minor road accidents and although they cannot be avoided altogether you can minimise the severity at the very least by making sure that your seatbelt is correctly fitted and that your head rest is positioned just right. Accident Advice Helpline gets a lot of calls….

    Adjusting headrests correctly could save you from whiplash

    Following on from a survey by insurance company Axa in July this year, which revealed 65% of whiplash claims could be avoided through better head restraints, leading claims management company, theAccident Advice Helpline, offer advice on avoiding whiplash and guidance on typical symptoms. Published in July this year, insurance company Axa carried out a survey….

    Whiplash claims open to fraud, finds survey

    Seventy-five per cent of healthcare professionals believe that the way in which whiplash claims are evaluated and paid is open to corruption, reports the Law Gazette. In a survey conducted by three leading insurers and rehabilitation provider HCML, 90% of the respondents believe that whiplash claims could be classified under a different term, whilst nearly….

    For a whiplash injury claim how much can I be awarded?

    Did you know that whiplash is one of the most common injuries sustained in road traffic accidents? Whiplash occurs when the head and neck are suddenly jolted forwards and then backwards, for example at the time of a collision. This causes damage to the tendons and muscles in the neck which can lead to swelling,….

    Claiming whiplash compensation – how long will it take?

    One question that Accident Advice Helpline gets asked a lot is how long it will take for a personal injury claim to be processed. We wish that there was one answer to this question, but because we process each claim on an individual basis, the time taken to claim compensation can vary depending on the….

    Whiplash compensation – how much could you get?

    When it comes to compensation, how much you could be eligible to receive depends on many factors such as the extent of your injuries and how it happened. For quick answers, Accident Advice Helpline can help. You can try our 30-second claim calculator online or speak to one of our knowledgeable advisors over the phone…..

    What kind of whiplash claim amount can I win?

    Every day, there are individuals who receive a whiplash claim amount stemming from an accident they had some time before. Many others begin the process of claiming, because they have been in an accident they did not cause. It’s not sufficient to know you were not to blame for the accident though, however it may….

    Information about whiplash compensation payments

    Whiplash compensation payments are paid to individuals who suffered whiplash because of someone else’s actions. We’d normally associate whiplash with being in a car accident, but it can happen in a fall too, if the injured person suffers a blow to their head or twists their neck awkwardly. Whiplash can mean you are unable to….

    What are your whiplash therapy options?

    A car accident has the potential to cause many injuries. Thankfully, most people escape with relatively-minor injuries such as whiplash. However, even whiplash can range from a minor inconvenience to an injury that is far more problematic. It is important, therefore, to consider what your whiplash therapy options are. Most people will be recommended to….

    Do I need a whiplash x-ray for my claim?

    You’ve no doubt heard of whiplash, and how people can often sustain it when they’re in a road accident while in a vehicle of some sort. Seatbelts are essential to prevent people from going through the windscreen and sustaining potentially life-threatening injuries. However, as the seatbelt locks, there’s nothing to prevent the head from continuing….

    How to make whiplash claims

    Whiplash is a common injury for those who are involved in car accidents. It usually occurs because of the force of the impact that is felt by someone wearing a seat belt, as they should be doing. While the belt keeps you in position in the car, and thus protects you from going through the….

    How to claim road accident whiplash injury compensation

    We’ve all heard of whiplash. Years ago you may have seen people wearing thick surgical collars while being treated for this injury. Today medical experts don’t tend to recommend such collars, since keeping the neck mobile helps the whiplash symptoms to abate more easily. However there is no doubt that suffering whiplash in a car….

    Injury compensation for whiplash at work

    Whiplash is a neck injury which occurs after a sudden impact throwing your neck forwards, backwards, or sideways damages the tendons and ligaments of the neck. It very often occurs after traffic accidents, and can be affected by the seat and head rest design of the vehicle. Whiplash is usually a ‘self-limiting’ condition, which means….

    How do I know if I have whiplash?

    If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a motor accident that wasn’t your fault, you may well be suffering from whiplash. It is a condition that can take aver 6 hours to appear and sometimes even later. The symptoms are fairly varied and can sometimes lead to very serious illnesses. Accident Advice Helpline….

    Whiplash injuries should not be ignored

    If you are involved in an accident and are lucky enough to walk away with no apparent injuries, you may still have an unpleasant surprise in store. Whiplash injuries can take from 6 to 12 hours to rear their ugly head, and you may be in for even more serious issues. Accident Advice Helpline are….

    Why are Whiplash Injuries so Common?

    As a leading law firm that specialises in personal injury, at Accident Advice Helpline we have helped many people recover damages after suffering from whiplash injuries, usually after a traffic accident. Whiplash is a very common injury following traffic accidents but many misnomers and myths tend to circulate around this painful condition, among which is….

    How do I know my whiplash injury claim value?

    Have you suffered a whiplash injury in a car accident? Whiplash is one of the most common types of injuries to be sustained in a road traffic accident, and it occurs when the head and neck are jolted suddenly forwards and then backwards. This causes damage to the tendons and tissues in the neck, which….

    Is there a whiplash compensation average?

    Whiplash payouts can differ based on a number on different factors including the type of accident, where it happened, how severe the whiplash injury was and whether there were other injuries sustained. Another key factor in whiplash compensation average amounts is who is fighting for you. Using a professional and skilled law firm such as….

    Do you need a whiplash compensation calculator?

    Whiplash may seem like a minor injury which would not result in compensation yet if you were the victim of an accident which wasn’t your fault, you could be eligible to receive a large compensation payout. Finding out whether you have a claim and what it could be worth is simple with a whiplash compensation….

    Neck accident claims

    Sustaining a whiplash injury as part of a road accident can be very painful and take some time to recover from. During this time you may have to accept that you will not be able to do as much as you were able to do before, and you may be in pain quite a lot….

    Whiplash loss of earnings

    Is your non fault whiplash loss of earnings causing you stress? If you have sustained a whiplash injury as the result of an accident which was not your fault, there are many reasons that you may want to claim compensation for your injuries. It’s not just the pain and suffering for your injury but the….

    Whiplash injury claim solicitor

    Avoid committing an offence after an accident Even if you were not to blame for an accident, you can still be liable for something which then happens if you don’t follow the correct protocol after the accident. If you commit an offence after an accident has happened you may still find yourself in trouble with….

    Whiplash injury claims in the UK

    Facts about cycling and road accidents As a cyclist you are more vulnerable to being injured in a road accident than those in cars. Although you are able to stick to cycle lanes and other safe places most of the time, there are certain areas where you will be vulnerable to accidents, and in these….

    Successful Whiplash Injury Compensation Claims

    Successful whiplash injury compensation claims would have been possible many years ago if personal injury claims had been around then. Certainly whiplash has been around forever as it is an injury that can be easily sustained just by a jolt to the head. That could be caused by something hitting you, banging your head as….

    Whiplash victim compensation claim

    Making a whiplash victim compensation claim would be time consuming and stressful for the inexperienced victim at a time when they are probably traumatised more than enough by the accident in which they were injured. It is not just the hassle they would have that means it is not a good idea to try and….

    Whiplash in a car in the UK

    Suffering whiplash in a car in the UK can be a very distressing and painful experience for you. If this has happened to you in the last 3 years and it wasnt your fault, then contact the friendly solicitors at Accident Advice Helpline, so they can help you to make an injury compensation claim against….

    Whiplash car injury

    If you have suffered a whiplash car injury within the last three years and it was not your fault and you needed medical attention, then contact the solicitors at Accident Advice Helpline so they can help you to make an injury compensation claim against the person responsible. In days gone by, injuries such as a….

    Whiplash chiropractic

    Following a traumatic accident many people seek out whiplash chiropractic treatment as a means of getting some pain relief. If you have suffered an injury through of an accident that wasn’t your fault, then you should make a personal injury compensation claim against the people responsible, using the solicitors at Accident Advice Helpline. Accident Advice….

    Whiplash cause

    Can whiplash cause a neck injury? The answer to that question is yes it can. If you find yourself in this situation and it was through no fault of your own, then call the solicitors at Accident Advice Helpline, so they can help you to make a personal injury compensation claim. Can whiplash cause a….

    Whiplash cases

    You may need to use an injury lawyer at Accident Advice Helpline, if you have a whiplash case that you need to make an injury compensation claim for. If your accident was through no fault of your own and it was within the last 3 years, then call and speak to one of our friendly….

    Whiplash injuries claims

    Whiplash injuries claims are a regular occurrence for any law firm that deals with personal injury claims, as they are one of the most common injuries to happen. The accidents that could result in whiplash injuries claims Any accident that causes a sudden jolt to your head can cause a whiplash injury, as this forceful….

    Expert whiplash injury solicitor

    An expert whiplash injury solicitor could be who you need to speak to if you have been injured in an accident that was not your fault. Sometimes, the person responsible will admit they were to blame, and this makes the job quite easy for an expert whiplash injury solicitor, but what if the other person….

    Whiplash back injury

    Have you suffered a whiplash back injury in a car accident? Have you been hurt in a car accident through no fault of your own? Was the accident caused by another driver not paying attention? You may have been involved in a rear impact crash resulting in a whiplash back injury. Accident Advice Helpline will help….

    Whiplash claim attorneys

    Whiplash claim attorneys are used every day throughout the UK, namely because whiplash injury accidents happen every day – they are part of the injury compensation claims business. As long as the accident that you have been involved in happened within the last 3 years, then you may be entitled to use the whiplash claim….

    Whiplash attorney

    You may need to use the services of a whiplash attorney, at Accident Advice Helpline, to make an injury compensation claim, if: You have been involved in an accident in the last 3 years. It was through no fault of your own. You require medical attention for your injuries What types of claims do Accident….

    Whiplash associated disorder

    If you are suffering from a whiplash associated disorder, from an accident which was through no fault of your own, then you may want to make a compensation claim with Accident Advice Helpline. Whiplash itself is not a life threatening condition, but in its severest form it can be life changing. A mild case should….

    Whiplash and a neck or spine injury

    You should make an injury compensation claim, using the solicitors at Accident Advice Helpline, if you have suffered whiplash and a neck or spine injury because of an accident that wasn’t your fault. The first thing most innocent victims will want to know, is “how much compensation will I receive”? Well (sadly), no one will be able….

    Whiplash payouts

    If you are thinking about the whiplash payout you might get from an injury, then we can only assume that you were involved in some kind of accident of this nature. If this is the case and the accident was through no fault of your own, and it has happened in the last 3 years,….

    Whiplash handout

    The whiplash handout you might receive depend on a number of different factors. For example, how serious your injury is, how long it will take for your injury to heal and how your injury will affect your life. At the start of your claim, no one can give an exact figure of the compensation you may….

    Non fault whiplash in the UK

    100% no win no fee** compensation for non fault whiplash in the UK If you have been the victim of a road traffic accident that wasn’t your fault, you may find that you have been left suffering from whiplash. Contrary to what you might think whiplash is a very real and very painful condition often suffered by….

    Insurance payout for whiplash

    Insurance payout for whiplash If you’re looking for an insurance payout for whiplash, it’s very likely that you or someone you know have been involved in an accident and that accident has caused you an injury. You may be wondering about where and how you can claim compensation for your injury. You may not know where….

    Whip lash symptoms

    In the UK every year lots of people are involved in road traffic accidents, in which many of them suffer from whip lash symptoms. In these cases, they may end up making a compensation claim, using the solicitors at Accident Advice Helpline to help them, if the accident was not their fault. In cars on….

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