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    "If you've been injured through no fault of your own you could be entitled to compensation. If you're unsure if you could claim, I recommend you call Accident Advice Helpline."

    Esther Rantzen

    Category : Spinal injury claims

    Have you received spinal injury treatment?

    If you have suffered a spinal injury then ensuring that you receive the right spinal injury treatment will be key to your recovery. Although there is usually no cure for a spinal injury, receiving prompt treatment can improve your prognosis for the future. Spinal injury treatment will usually involve a period of rehabilitation under the….

    Did you need a spinal injury x-ray?

    The nerves in the spine are responsible for controlling a whole host of functions in the body, from bowel and bladder control to mobility. A spinal injury can cause damage to these nerves, with serious consequences, depending on which part of the spine is injured. It’s vitally important not to move somebody with a suspected….

    Have you visited spinal injury specialists?

    If you answered yes to that question, chances are you have received a spinal injury in the recent past. These injuries can occur by force of an impact, perhaps in a car crash, for example, or through a fall from height. The height doesn’t necessary need to be significant for someone to suffer an injury….

    Tips for spinal injury prevention at work

    Since spinal injuries can be so serious, it makes sense to avoid sustaining such injuries in the first place. Anything we can do to work on spinal injury prevention must surely be a good thing – something that will prevent others from being injured in potentially life-changing ways in the future. While the workplace is….

    Financial support for spinal injury recovery

    If you have sustained an injury to your spine, the prognosis for your future could vary widely. You may be lucky and only have a minor injury that you will completely heal from. However, there is a chance the injury could be a lot more serious. Some people lose feeling in one or more parts….

    Do you receive spinal injury physiotherapy?

    Physiotherapy can help people recover from all kinds of injuries. Sometimes, learning exercises and being taught how and when to practise them helps individuals regain a better degree of motion. This can occur after an accident where the person suffers injuries, or after illness or an operation. Spinal injury physiotherapy is just one example of….

    Making a claim for spinal injury pain

    Not everyone who suffers a spinal injury will be paralysed to some degree afterwards. It depends on how the injury occurs, which part of the spine is affected and the type of injury that is sustained. In some cases, someone might suffer a spinal injury and be affected by ongoing spinal injury pain. This may….

    Do you require spinal injury nursing care?

    Spinal injuries can be sustained in a wide variety of situations. They are quite rare, but they can potentially happen in falls from height, as well as in accidents where the injured person suffers an impact to their back. This can happen in any area of their back, from the lowest point to the neck…..

    Financial support for spinal injury management

    Suffering any sort of spinal injury will likely change a person’s life. Some will speak of the life they had before their injury and the life they have now. The two could be very different, but proper spinal injury management can make the life after their accident as good as it can possibly be. You….

    Some of the common spinal injury names

    Spinal injury names can refer to a wide variety of injuries that can be sustained to this crucial part of the body. You may hear people talking about complete and incomplete injuries, for instance. An incomplete spinal injury is one where the damage to the vertebra and underlying spinal cord is not total, and the….

    Spinal injury information about compensation

    Anyone who has received a spinal injury could benefit from getting as much spinal injury information as they can. If you are aware the actions of a third party led to your injury, they could be eligible for compensation. Your life will change because of your spinal injury, and that means you could be entitled….

    Did you spend time in a spinal injury hospital?

    When accidents happen you may only have yourself to blame but if you were not responsible for your accident which resulted in a serious injury which required a visit to a spinal injury hospital, you could be eligible to receive compensation. If your accident happened recently, within the last three years, we would like to….

    Some basic spinal injury first aid

    Were you involved in an accident which required emergency spinal injury first aid? Have you been left seriously injured and need to find out more about what options are available to you? Call Accident Advice Helpline for free, no-obligation advice about your rights and whether you are eligible for compensation today. What to do if….

    Are there spinal injury exercises I can do?

    Some spinal injuries may leave you without sensation, movement and you may be unable to walk or move about freely again. Other less severe spinal injuries can leave victims needing lots of rehabilitation to recover and get stronger. Spinal injury exercises may help some victims to get back to their original health while for others….

    Has your spinal injury caused erectile dysfunction?

    Being involved in an accident which wasn’t your fault can be difficult enough but if you have since suffered from problematic and embarrassing problems such as erectile dysfunction you may be wondering whether to make a claim for compensation. At Accident Advice Helpline our professional and understanding advisors have helped many victims of this kind…..

    Have you received a spinal injury diagnosis?

    If you have been injured after a fall from height or a road traffic accident, you may have sustained serious, life-changing injuries. Receiving a spinal injury diagnosis can be a stressful time not only for you, but for your entire family, and if your injury is severe then you may be unable to return to….

    What is a clear spinal injury definition?

    Spinal injuries are often the result of a high-speed collision in a vehicle, or a fall from height. If you’re wondering what a spinal injury definition is, it is “…damage to the spinal cord that results in changes in its function either temporarily or permanently. These changes can cause loss of muscle function, sensation, or autonomic….

    What is a spinal injury claim worth?

    A spinal injury usually occurs as the result of a fall from height or a car or motorbike accident, and the impact on your life can be severe. The nerves in the spine are responsible for controlling things like motor functions and bowel and bladder movements, which means a spinal injury could cause problems with….

    Suffering from spinal injury and bowel problems

    Anyone who sustains a spinal injury may potentially experience problems for the rest of their life. The nature of those problems could depend on whether the injury was determined to be incomplete or complete, and where in the spine it occurred. Some people find they have a spinal injury and bowel problems that stem from….

    Is an L4 spinal injury very serious?

    Most people won’t know anything about an L4 spinal injury unless they are unlucky enough to suffer from one. Those with basic knowledge of the spine may correctly guess the L4 vertebra is one that exists in the lumbar spine, i.e. the lower section of the spine. In fact, it is one vertebra above the….

    Compensation for a C7 spinal injury

    The outcome following a spinal cord injury will depend on which part of the spinal cord was damaged. The higher in the spinal cord the damage occurs, the greater the extent of resulting paralysis and the more serious the outcome can be. There are eight cervical vertebrae in the upper portion of the spine, so….

    Just what is a C spine injury?

    Most people are aware that spinal injuries can be very serious and ultimately life changing. The vertebrae are responsible for many things, not least protecting the spinal cord. If one or more vertebrae are damaged, this can lead to many serious injuries, including paralysis. A C spine injury is just one of many injuries that….

    Were you treated in a spinal injuries unit?

    If you were involved in a car accident you may have been taken to a spinal injuries unit to be assessed. You may have suffered a broken or fractured spine and you may even have party damaged your spinal cord, or worse, completely severed it. To find out where you stand legally after an unfair….

    Spinal injury claims

    Spinal injury claims are rare, but since such injuries can be devastating for the person involved, any claims that are settled in their favour can potentially be significant. Even though you may know how you could develop a spinal injury, actually experiencing it is frightening and life changing from that moment. Life can be normal….

    Treating a spinal injury

    A medical practitioner will always tell you the options for treating a spinal injury. It’s important to consult a doctor, not only to receive the correct treatment, but also to get your injuries on record. If you were involved in a non-fault accident then Accident Advice Helpline could help you claim compensation. How your doctor….

    The symptoms of a spinal injury

    Being involved in an accident can cause a number of injuries. The symptoms of a spinal injury are just some you might suffer with. An injury to the spine can cause a lot of inconvenience and if someone else was responsible, you could be eligible to claim compensation. Injuries to the back are very common…..

    The long term effects of a spinal injury

    A minor back injury may not always have long term effects. The long term effects of a spinal injury, however, can be life changing. You may find you suddenly have a lot of expenses, and if you did not cause your injury, why should you be the one to pay? This is why Accident Advice….

    The cost of claiming for a spinal injury

    If you’ve suffered a spinal injury, you will need all the financial help you can get. If someone else caused your injury, the cost of claiming for a spinal injury can prove too much. Accident Advice Helpline have personal injury specialists who all work on a no-win, no-fee** basis, to help you get the compensation….

    How you could develop a spinal injury

    Accidents can cause problems with your back. Most back injuries are strains and sprains which heal up over time, while more serious accidents can lead to permanent spinal damage. Accident Advice Helpline can advise on how you could make a claim if you were not responsible for causing your injury. We can also help advise you….

    Cervical spine injury in the UK

    When Accident Advice Helpline can help after a cervical spine injury in the UK Cervical spine injuries, unfortunately, are common as a result of accidents such as car crashes, sporting accidents and also accidents at work. They can have a range of consequences from minor aches and pains to life-changing paralysis and in some instances,….

    Accident claim for a cervical spine injury

    What is a cervical spine injury? A cervical spine injury is an injury sustained within the first seven vertebrae of the spine in the neck region. Such injuries can occur unfortunately in a wide range of accidents — you may be injured in a road traffic accident as a driver, passenger or pedestrian; you may….

    Spine injury compensation

    Spinal injuries can be irreversible and some cases lead to complete paralysis. Every year, thousands of people in the UK sustain such injuries through no fault of their own and many of these are rightfully awarded compensation. Because the spine houses nerves which help the brain to control most of the body, an injury can….

    Spine injury claim

    A spinal injury is one of the most traumatic forms of personal injury to sustain, and in many cases can cause serious, long-term damage. In such circumstances, it’s important to know you have options; medical care alone cannot always alleviate the emotional burden a spinal injury inflicts. You could be eligible to claim compensation with….

    Spinal injury

    A car accident, an accident at work or a slip, trip or fall could cause a serious spinal injury and have a devastating effect on a person. In many cases an injury to your spine could leave you out of work, as well as require ongoing specialist care. You may not even be able to….

    Claiming for a cervical spine injury

    Need help claiming for a cervical spine injury? If you’ve recently been involved in an accident and you’ve been suffering pain as a result, it may be the case that you have cervical spine whiplash. Though cases can vary hugely in extremity, it goes without saying that it can be extremely uncomfortable and painful. Here, we….

    Hurt your cervical spine

    Top tips if you have hurt your cervical spine Are you suffering from pain because you have hurt your cervical spine? If so, you’ll be aware of just how painful they can be, and how it can cause havoc in your day to day life. With the right support and help though, it’s possible to manage your….

    Damage to the cervical spine

    How to cope with damage to the cervical spine Are you suffering from damage to the cervical spine? If so, you’ll know just how painful it can be, and the impact that it can have on your everyday life. It’s often caused in car accidents when a stationary vehicle is struck from behind and a person’s body….

    Broken c6 insurance payouts

    Kidwelly is a town in Wales, with a small population; many tourists come here to enjoy the Kidwelly carnival. The town has its own rugby team and several cricket and football clubs. If you have broken c6 insurance payouts you deserve to be compensated for the damage done to you and your insurance could assist….

    How much compensation for a slipped disc?

    ContentsAre you wondering how much compensation for a slipped disc?How to cope financiallyMaking a claim for compensationAre you wondering how much compensation for a slipped disc? Our back is made up of muscles, tendons and discs, and if you suffer a back injury, the results can often be debilitating, with pain in your shoulders, neck,….

    Compensation for spine injuries

    Back and spine injuries are among the most common types of injuries that people get. Perhaps this is because there’s so many different ways that someone can injure their back in their day-to-day lives. Below are some of the common ways that people injured their backs or spines and why they seek compensation for their spine injuries…..

    Claim for spine injuries

    When people claim for spine injuries, it can be the result of a range of different accidents. Falls from height in particular, can cause spinal damage, as can being involved in an accident on the roads. Accident Advice Helpline is a reliable and trustworthy law firm with over 15 years’ experience of making these claims…..

    Spinal injuries compensation

    Back injuries can occur at work, in the home or in public. They commonly result from road traffic accidents, incorrect manual handling, falls from heights, slips and trips, and defective products. Road traffic accidents Road traffic accidents can cause whiplash, in which pain can spread through your neck and down your spine. If a nerve….

    Spine injuries

    Back pain is very common and, this might be a depressing statistic, but you are more likely than not to suffer from it at some point in your life. This is because the spine supports the whole of the upper half of the body and it can be surprisingly easy to damage those crucial muscles….

    Claim for spinal injury

    Claim for spinal injury If you have had an accident and have damaged your spinal cord, it is catastrophic. You have gone, in an instant, from being fully in control of your body, to having limited control of it. This brings not only physical, but emotional distress and you will, at times feel that life….

    Spinal injury lawyer

    Spinal injuries One of the most devastating injuries that can be sustained after an accident is one that effects the spine. These types of injuries will often have a massive impact on your lifestyle, your family, your job and eventually your finances. If you have been a victim of an accident of any type — such as a road traffic….

    Spinal injury claim solicitor

    Spinal Injury Claim Solicitor If you had a serious accident in the past 3 years and suffered spinal cord injuries, because somebody else caused your accident, you should talk to a spinal injury claim solicitor. You are entitled to claim compensation, if your accident was the result of somebody else’s negligence. What can a spinal….

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