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    "If you've been injured through no fault of your own you could be entitled to compensation. If you're unsure if you could claim, I recommend you call Accident Advice Helpline."

    Esther Rantzen

    Category : Shoulder injury claim

    What is normal dislocated shoulder treatment in elderly?

    ContentsDoes dislocated shoulder treatment in elderly take time to recover from?How long does it take to heal from a dislocated shoulder?Elderly people who suffer a dislocated shoulder may take longer to heal than a younger person who has dislocated their shoulder. This is because as we age, our bones are more brittle and we are….

    Has a dislocated shoulder stopped you from driving?

    ContentsCan you claim compensation if your dislocated shoulder stopped you from driving?Is it worth claiming compensation for a dislocated shoulder?If you have dislocated your shoulder, it could be 12 to 16 weeks before you are fully healed and able to return to your normal activities. When your arm pops out of your shoulder socket, you’ll….

    Do you have dislocated shoulder ligament damage?

    If you have dislocated your shoulder then you may also have suffered dislocated shoulder ligament damage. The tissues, tendons and ligaments of the shoulder can become torn after a dislocation, and unfortunately you may need surgery in order to repair them. This can be painful and take time to heal from, and it may be….

    Are there any dislocated shoulder physio exercises?

    Because the shoulder is one of the most mobile joints in the body, it is also one of the most frequently dislocated. Whilst treatment for a dislocation usually involves nothing more than popping your arm back into its socket, you may need to see a physiotherapist after this has happened, to regain full movement in….

    Compensation for a baby’s dislocated shoulder

    When it comes to a baby’s dislocated shoulder, it must surely be one of the worst injuries imaginable. Adults will find the experience very painful, as you would expect it to be if your arm had popped out of its shoulder socket. This requires a doctor to perform a reduction – the process of putting the….

    Treatment for a dislocated shoulder fracture

    If you have dislocated your shoulder in an accident, you’ll need to go to A&E for an examination and x-ray. The x-ray will be carried out to check that you haven’t also fractured your shoulder. If it’s discovered that you have suffered a dislocated shoulder fracture then you may need to have further scans carried….

    Do you still have dislocated shoulder problems?

    How long has it been since you dislocated your shoulder? A few weeks? A month or two? A couple of years? Suffering from ongoing dislocated shoulder problems can prevent you from living your life to the full and even stop you from going to work to earn a living. Whilst most people heal from a….

    Did you see a doctor for a dislocated shoulder?

    So, you’ve dislocated your shoulder? Maybe you were playing rugby when another player violently tackled you and you fell, dislocating your shoulder. Perhaps you were injured in an accident at work when you slipped on a wet floor. Or maybe your child has been injured after an accident in the playground at school or nursery…..

    Did you suffer a dislocated shoulder in football?

    Football is not considered as dangerous a sport as rugby, as there is generally less contact, which means less opportunity for injuries. Of course, you could still be injured whilst playing football, and everybody takes a certain degree of risk when playing any sport. But what happens if you have sustained a dislocated shoulder in….

    Still suffering from dislocated shoulder after-effects?

    Have you dislocated your shoulder? You may be surprised to learn that this is not an uncommon injury; in fact, the shoulder is one of the most commonly dislocated joints in the body, due to the fact that the arm sits in a very shallow socket. The good news? Most dislocated shoulders heal nicely within….

    Have you received NHS care for a dislocated shoulder?

    If you have dislocated your shoulder, it is usually pretty easy to spot. As well as pain in your arm and shoulder and difficulty moving your arm, you will normally notice your shoulder appears square rather than round. It’s important to seek medical treatment for a dislocated shoulder urgently, and NHS care for a dislocated….

    Have you received a dislocated shoulder diagnosis?

    Did you know that the shoulder is one of the most common joints in the body to dislocate? That’s because the upper arm sits in an extremely shallow socket, making it very mobile but also very unstable. If you think you have dislocated your shoulder then you need to go to A&E for a dislocated….

    Treating a dislocated shoulder in a child

    A dislocated shoulder in a child is perhaps harder to deal with than the same injury occurring to an adult. A child may feel panicky and frightened by what has happened to them, especially if they are squeamish and can see their shoulder looks different to how it usually would. If you find yourself in….

    Paying for dislocated shoulder physio treatment

    Any injury can leave lasting effects for the person who incurs it. This could be minor problems or much more serious ones that alter the way that person lives their life. However, in some cases, it can cost the person financially, too. For example, if you have dislocated your shoulder, you may not get back….

    Suffering from dislocated shoulder complications?

    A dislocated shoulder looks very easy to deal with when you see a fictional character suffering this injury on television. They either pop it back in with no pain or hassle themselves, or they bash their arm against a wall before walking off, the injury already forgotten. Of course, it looks good on television, but….

    Some simple dislocated shoulder recovery tips

    If you dislocated your shoulder recently, you may already be aware of numerous dislocated shoulder recovery tips. The medical staff who put your shoulder back into place likely told you what you should and should not do following the injury. You may have a sling to keep your arm and shoulder still and able to….

    What is a simple dislocated shoulder definition?

    The shoulder is known as a ball and socket joint. This means the ball at the top end of the bone in the upper arm sits inside the socket of the shoulder. Muscles, tendons and ligaments keep the two elements in place together, and they also allow for the huge range of movement we have….

    Compensation for a toddler’s dislocated shoulder

    Make no mistake – a dislocated shoulder is extremely painful for anyone to experience. You won’t be able to move your arm or shoulder and you will notice it looks very different to how it normally would, because the bone is no longer sitting in its rightful place in the socket. But just imagine how….

    Work-related dislocated shoulder causes

    How many dislocated shoulder causes can you think of? This is a common injury – in fact, it is the most common joint in the entire body to be dislocated. This is because it is so mobile, which means it is more prone to pop out of the socket if the arm is moved in….

    Have you undergone a dislocated shoulder operation?

    A dislocated shoulder operation is rare, but there are cases where the injury suffered is severe enough to require surgery. This may be done when the bones have been damaged when the shoulder was dislocated, or if there is damage to the ligaments or tendons. An operation will only be performed if the injury was….

    Did you suffer dislocated shoulder nerve damage?

    Did you know the shoulder is the most versatile joint in the human body? It should be, when you think about it, because it enables you to move your arm in virtually every direction. However, this also means it is the joint most prone to dislocating, which means the bone of the arm can pop….

    Do you know what caused your dislocated shoulder injury?

    A dislocated shoulder injury is uncomfortable and requires immediate medical attention to put right. It’s normally quite easy to tell if you have dislocated your shoulder, because it will look completely different to how it normally does. You probably won’t be able to move it either. The injury can happen in all manner of accidents,….

    Separated vs dislocated shoulder explained

    What is the difference between a separated vs dislocated shoulder? You may know what a dislocation is – this happens when the end of a bone pops out of its socket. This can happen to the shoulder more commonly than any other joint because of the incredible range of motion it usually has. Conversely, a….

    Shoulder injury claim

    Are you wondering how you could develop a shoulder injury? You could be injured in an accident at work, dislocate your shoulder in a sports accident or even be injured in a road traffic accident or a slip, trip or fall in a public place. These are just a few things that could happen, too….

    Treating a shoulder injury

    Treating a shoulder injury with medical advice The shoulder is a complex combination of bones, muscles and nerves. You might be surprised to learn that the shoulder muscles are quite small considering all the work they have to do. The shoulder joint is very susceptible to injury, being the most mobile joint in the body…..

    The long term effects of a shoulder injury

    Are you worried about the long term effects of a shoulder injury? Perhaps it’s quite a while since you were injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault. If you’re still feeling the pain you might be concerned about the long term effects of a shoulder injury. Our shoulders are complicated parts of our body…..

    The cost of claiming for a shoulder injury

    Has the cost of claiming for a shoulder injury discouraged you? This might be the case if you’ve been looking on the high street for a solicitor. Just a short consultation can take a huge chunk out of your budget. This is the reason why only 3 out of 10 accident victims ever claim the….

    The symptoms of a shoulder injury

    Are you suffering from the symptoms of a shoulder injury? If you’ve been involved in a car crash then you might be suffering from the symptoms of a shoulder injury. Pain and stiffness and an inability to rotate or raise your arm and shoulder are common symptoms. These can prevent you from carrying out your everyday….

    How you could develop a shoulder injury

    If you’re the active type then you’ve probably suffered a shoulder injury or two while enjoying your particular sport. Injuries might be something you take for granted in some sports, if you play rugby for instance. If you’re looking into how you could develop a shoulder injury in an accident that wasn’t your fault then this….

    Value of compensation for broken shoulder

    There are few injuries as painful and limiting as a broken shoulder. Whether you have broken your collarbone, breastbone, or shoulder blade, the injury will be felt all the way down to your fingertips. If you think you have broken your shoulder, the first thing you should do is go to the hospital. Depending on….

    Broken Shoulder Compensation

    Park is a small village in Northern Ireland near Claudy. It is located at the foothills of the Sperrin Mountains and golf is a popular sport in the region. When in Park if you have broken your shoulder, you may be entitled to broken shoulder compensation. You should therefore contact a lawyer to see if….

    Broken Collarbone Compensation

    Ipswich is a town in England. The town is home to its own football club and many popular artists were also born here. When in the region, if you happen to fracture your collarbone in an accident, do contact a lawyer in Ipswich. In such instances you may be entitled to broken collarbone compensation. However….

    Shoulder injury symptoms after an accident

    When you have had an accident as a result of someone else’s actions, you may find that you are experiencing shoulder injury symptoms. If so, you could claim compensation. What kind of shoulder injury symptoms are there? The most obvious one, perhaps, is pain. If you have sustained an injury to your shoulder, it will feel uncomfortable….

    All about shoulder injury payouts

    People who have been injured in an accident that was someone else’s fault could receive shoulder injury payouts, and Accident Advice Helpline can help to secure them. The shoulder is a very important part of the body. It is a highly mobile joint that you need in order to perform many tasks, and it can be….

    Looking for shoulder compensation after an accident

    The shoulder is an important part of the body – it is the most mobile joint, and facilitates a range of different movements that are useful for many everyday activities. When you have an injured shoulder, you probably won’t be surprised that you certainly know about it! Whether it is stiffness, a feeling of sliding….

    Getting shoulder injuries compensation

    If you’ve had an accident and suffered injury to your shoulder as a result, you could claim shoulder injuries compensation if the accident was someone else’s fault. When you have a problem with your shoulder, it can be very difficult to do a lot of things. Most of the time, you are probably not aware….

    Shoulder injury claims

    When you suffer an injury in an accident that was someone else’s fault, you can claim compensation. Accident Advice Helpline deals with countless shoulder injury claims. What causes a shoulder injury? Virtually any accident can cause a shoulder injury. If you have a road accident, you could damage your shoulder. You could also hurt your shoulder….

    About shoulder injury diagnosis

    When you have an accident and hurt your shoulder, you will probably have to go to your GP and get a shoulder injury diagnosis. Your injury may mean you can claim compensation, if it was caused by the actions of someone else. Getting a shoulder injury diagnosis Your doctor will try to locate the pain….

    Payouts for shoulder injuries

    If you have been involved in an accident which has left you with some form of shoulder injury, then you may want to know what are the payouts for shoulder injuries. Here at Accident Advice Helpline we work on a wide variety of personal injury claims each year and shoulder injuries are just one type. ….

    MIB Insurance Compensation for a Broken Shoulder

    There are many types of shoulder accidents. Frozen shoulders, shoulder tendonitis, dislocated shoulders and broken collar bones are extremely common shoulder injuries that Accident Advice Helpline have dealt with, and symptoms of a shoulder injury commonly include shoulder pain, shoulder weakness, a stiff shoulder and shoulder joint instability. Shoulder pain and shoulder injuries frequently occur due….

    How much compensation can I expect for a shoulder injury?

    How much compensation can I expect for a shoulder injury might be on your mind right now When people make personal injury compensation claims, one of the first questions they ask a solicitor is how much compensation can I expect? The answer is that no one can give a definite answer to this question because….

    Shoulder injury claim calculator

    Find out how much compensation you could get with our claim calculator You can injure your shoulder through any number of activities from slips and falls to heavy lifting or a car accident. You can find out how much your shoulder injury might be worth with our shoulder injury claim calculator. What you need to….

    Fractured shoulder non fault injury

    Imagine if you parked your car in a sensible spot and were walking up a tree-lined country lane with your family, when a carefree driver was roaring around the corner on the wrong side of the road and knocked some of you down. You could all have serious personal injuries and would definitely need medical….

    Compensation for a scapular fracture

    ContentsHow to find out about claiming compensation for a scapular fractureOur 30-second testNo obligationHow to find out about claiming compensation for a scapular fracture A scapular fracture is when the shoulder blade is fractured. It is a sturdy bone and located in a protected place so it rarely breaks. When it does, this usually indicates that….

    Compensation for a broken shoulder

    A broken shoulder is something that not too many people think about when they hear of someone breaking a bone. But the truth is that broken bones are a lot more common than you think. When someone breaks their shoulder, they often seek compensation. Think that broken shoulders aren’t that common? Below are three ways….

    Compensation for fractured shoulder

    If you have been in an accident that was not your own fault but the fault of another person and as a direct result you have suffered a fractured shoulder then you could well be entitled to make a compensation for fractured shoulder claim. Read on to find out how Accident Advice Helpline can help….

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