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    "If you've been injured through no fault of your own you could be entitled to compensation. If you're unsure if you could claim, I recommend you call Accident Advice Helpline."

    Esther Rantzen

    Category : Pedestrian accident claims

    Pedestrian road traffic accident abroad advice

    If you have been involved in a road traffic accident while overseas, the advice is to seek legal advice, particularly if you feel you may be entitled to compensation. Pedestrian road traffic accident abroad advice is important, because the law is often different in other countries and there is the problem of foreign languages to….

    Compensation for being hit by a vehicle wing mirror

    Life moves at a faster pace than ever before, and sometimes it seems like we’re all in a hurry, all of the time. But rushing to get from A to B could actually do more harm than good, and drivers in a hurry account for a high percentage of all road accidents. You don’t have….

    Claiming compensation for a pedestrian crossing accident

    Most pedestrians will be aware of pedestrian crossings. These are put in strategic places where people are likely to want or need to cross a road. They can make life much easier for pedestrians who might otherwise have to cross a dangerous road on their own. A crossing is easy for drivers and other road….

    How to claim zebra crossing accident compensation

    Most people are more than familiar with a zebra crossing. This crossing has a series of white stripes painted on the road. It has zig-zag lines approaching it on both sides of the road and in the middle, on which cars cannot park. There may be a flashing orange beacon on either side of the….

    Claiming compensation for a pedestrian-cyclist accident

    More people are choosing to walk to their destination and a larger number of people are opting to cycle instead of drive. Not only are these healthier ways to travel, they also help the environment and can reduce the cost you pay out in travel every day. To keep safe while cycling on the roads,….

    Compensation for pedestrian-lorry accidents

    The outcome of pedestrian-lorry accidents is rarely pretty. With lorries weighing many tonnes, crush injuries are unfortunately all too common in pedestrian-lorry accidents, and if you or someone you love has been struck by a lorry, you might be wondering who is to blame. Driver error accounts for 90% of all road traffic accidents, such….

    Compensation for being hit by a reversing van

    There are many situations that can lead to a pedestrian being hit by a reversing van, all of which have the potential to inflict serious injury. In the hands of a competent and fully trained driver, vans should pose less danger to passersby. However, as they can be easily hired for ad-hoc jobs such as house….

    Tips to Prevent Road Accidents as a Pedestrian

    Walking is great for your physical and mental health and a cheap way to get from A to B on short journeys. Each day many people enjoy walking to the shops, to school or work, or simply to get a bit of fresh air. But pedestrians can be at great risk when walking on the….

    Compensation for an accident on a zebra crossing

    Every pedestrian will know how important it is to take care whenever they have to cross the road. Ideally you would use a pedestrian crossing of some kind to make the process safer, but even under these circumstances there can potentially be danger in the vicinity. For example, an accident on a zebra crossing could….

    Were you a pedestrian injured by a car?

    If you’re a pedestrian injured by a car, you may have suffered some life-changing injuries that could impact your future. You may have been lucky enough to escape your accident with minor injuries, but whatever has happened, if you’ve been hit by a car you could make a claim for personal injury compensation with Accident….

    Compensation for being knocked over by a van

    Vans are a common sight on the UK’s highways, particularly during the daytime when they are commonly used by tradespeople. But there are various factors that can increase the likelihood of pedestrians being knocked over by a van. The nature of any job can mean that they not necessarily the driver’s main vehicle, as they….

    Compensation for zebra crossing collisions

    We are all familiar with zebra crossings. You may well have crossed one as a pedestrian many times, and you might also have driven across one or stopped to let a pedestrian cross in front of you. If you are a driver you must, according to the Highway Code, stop to let someone complete their….

    Claiming compensation for an accident on a pedestrian crossing

    Many pedestrians rely on crossings to make sure they can get across a road safely. They might use a pelican crossing with flashing lights or a crossing that has traffic lights in place to stop the traffic so someone can cross. In the latter example there is usually a button the pedestrian can press to….

    Who’s to blame for my zebra crossing accident?

    Pedestrians often walk because it is good exercise and it can be the best way to get around locally too. You don’t have to worry about parking and you’re able to get out and enjoy some fresh air as well. When crossing the road, it makes sense to use a proper crossing to stay safe….

    Compensation for pelican crossing accidents

    A pelican crossing differs from a zebra crossing in that the former has lights that are controlled by the pedestrians. As soon as a pedestrian arrives at the crossing and wishes to cross, they will hit a button that in a short period of time will stop the lights. This allows the pedestrian to cross….

    Where to get pelican crossing injury compensation advice

    It may be prudent to get pelican crossing injury compensation advice if you have been injured while using this sort of road crossing. A pelican crossing is a road crossing that features push-button controls on either side of the road. This means the pedestrian can push the button to stop the traffic, so they are….

    Where to get zebra crossing injury compensation advice

    There are several types of pedestrian road crossings in the UK. One of the most recognised ones is a zebra crossing. This is indicated by a series of thick white lines painted across the road, and it often has zig-zag lines leading up to it on either side of the road as well. It will….

    Compensation for taxi-pedestrian collisions

    Taxi drivers make their money from picking up fares and dropping them at their destination – the more fares they get, the more money they make. This means that drivers can sometimes be in a hurry to get from A to B, which could mean they’re more likely to be involved in taxi-pedestrian collisions. Taxi-pedestrian….

    Personal injury claims as a pedestrian

    As more and more of us choose to drive everywhere there are fewer pedestrians on the streets than there ever has been. This only means however, that drivers are less used to dealing with them and as such, pedestrian injuries are just as common as they ever have been. The government has done its best….

    How to claim pelican crossing accident compensation

    A pelican crossing is very different from a zebra crossing. The word ‘pelican’ comes from the official name for the crossing, which is a pedestrian light-controlled crossing. It uses letters from the first three words to form pelican, although this was originally spelled as PELICON. On either side of the road there is a pedestrian-operated….

    How to claim pedestrian injury compensation

    As a pedestrian you’d think you’d be quite safe walking along the pavements, no matter where you happen to be. In reality you should be safe. However as we all know, this is not always the case. You could be hit while going across a crossing when you had the right of way. You could….

    Zebra crossing injury advice

    If you are hit by a car or other road vehicle while using a zebra crossing, you may be looking for zebra crossing injury advice. Pedestrians have right of way on a zebra crossing but, unfortunately, not all road users respect this rule. It is possible that your zebra crossing injury was in fact purely….

    Zebra crossing accident counselling

    An injury suffered on a zebra crossing can be painful and debilitating, but the shock could also leave you in need of zebra crossing accident counselling. Counselling can help you to deal with the emotional and psychological after-effects of an accident, just as Accident Advice Helpline can assist you in getting your life back on….

    Treating pedestrian accident injuries

    Pedestrians lack the protection of a vehicle’s cabin or a cyclists helmet, putting them at a greater risk of serious personal injury in the event of an accident. Most pedestrian accidents are caused by negligent drivers, whether by speeding, driving under the influence, or inattentiveness. Basic advice on treating pedestrian accident injuries If you have….

    The symptoms of pedestrian road traffic accident injuries

    Although all road accidents can potentially lead to serious injuries, pedestrians face the greatest risk of suffering serious personal injury if they are involved in a road traffic accident. In the majority of pedestrian accident cases, a negligent or inattentive driver was to blame. In other cases, a pedestrian could be responsible for an accident by ignoring traffic light….

    How does a pedestrian accident occur?

    Pedestrian accidents often involve persons travelling on foot, usually walking or running, being struck by a motor vehicle, motorbike or bicycle, despite attempts to avoid injury. Although some pedestrian accidents are caused by pedestrian error, most are caused by negligent or inattentive drivers, who fail to observe the rules of road safety. When pedestrians choose….

    The cost of making a pedestrian accident claim

    If you have suffered personal injury in a non-fault pedestrian accident, you should know that you are legally entitled to compensation. Many innocent victims of pedestrian accidents are often either not aware of their right to claim, or are afraid of the cost of hiring a lawyer, and end up missing out on compensation. With Accident….

    Claiming for a pedestrian accident

    Suffering personal injury from a non-fault pedestrian accident can be a stressful and traumatising experience. Following an accident, you may need to take time off from work, which often leads to losing out on wages. Expensive treatment and prescription charges can further burden your finances. If within the past three years you or someone you know has….

    The long term effects of being involved in a road accident as a pedestrian

    Some of the most serious injuries a person can suffer involve being struck by a moving vehicle. If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident as a result of another person’s negligent actions, you may be entitled to compensation. To learn more about your rights as a pedestrian, get in touch with Accident Advice….

    What to do if you’ve been involved in an accident as a pedestrian

    Pedestrian accidents happen more often than we think, and most go unreported. These types of accidents are often caused by negligent or distracted drivers. Typical distractions while driving include handling a mobile phone, eating or drinking and applying make-up. What to do if you’ve been involved in an accident as a pedestrian If you’re unsure….

    Level crossing accident claim

    If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself needing to make a level crossing accident claim, then Accident Advice Helpline may be able to help you. We have been in business since 2000 and during that time we created a strong track record for success by helping thousands of people who, like you, had been….

    Claim compensation for a pedestrian

    Harborough is a government district situated in England and it is named after the market town, Market Harborough. The area’s population is above 85,000 people and has its very own Youth Council which aims to improve the lives of teenagers in the region. If you are a pedestrian who has sustained injuries due to an….

    Pedestrian in a road accident compensation

    If you have been a pedestrian in a road accident compensation could be due to you for the injuries you have sustained. The law allows for you to make a claim for compensation if you have been injured as a result of the actions of another person. This is true if you have been a….

    Pedestrian injuries

    As a pedestrian, you are potentially more exposed to the risk of injury than people who ride in cars or any other type of vehicle. If you are struck by a vehicle – or even a cyclist – while crossing the road, you could end up suffering one or more pedestrian injuries that could have….

    Pedestrian can claim compensation

    If you have been injured in a road traffic accident as a pedestrian, you could claim compensation for your injuries. A pedestrian can claim compensation if they have been injured in a road traffic accident or collision which was not their fault. Here at Accident Advice Helpline we have helped countless innocent pedestrians to claim….

    Pedestrian accident lawyers

    If you have been involved in an accident with a vehicle, and you were a pedestrian, then you should speak to one of Accident Advice Helpline’s pedestrian accident lawyers today. You might be entitled to make a claim for compensation. If that’s the case, then you will want to speak to an expert to ensure….

    Pedestrian accident compensation claims

    As more and more people take to the roads, and more people decide that walking is the healthier alternative to driving, so the number of pedestrian accident compensation claims are increasing. If you have been involved in a road traffic accident, and you were not in a vehicle at the time, then you might be….

    Pedestrian accident compensation

    Pedestrian accident compensation is vital for people who have been injured in a collision whilst going about their business. If for example you were taking leisurely stroll to you local park and were knocked down by a car or motorbike. After this accident you were unable to work for a few weeks and you are….

    Pedestrian accident

    One of the most common things that happens when someone has pedestrian accident claims is that their knees are involved. For the people who have injured knees due to a pedestrian accident, they want to know what they can do and how to start their pedestrian accident claims. Types of knee injuries in pedestrian accident….

    Accident pedestrian claims

    When people think about accident pedestrian claims, the thing that comes to mind usually is someone being hit by a car when they are crossing the street. But there are other types of pedestrian claims that people make when they’ve been injured as a pedestrian. Here are three top types of things that lead to pedestrian….

    Pedestrian claims

    Pedestrian accidents can vary greatly in severity and circumstance, and pedestrian claims be for compensation may be sucessful if someone else was to blame. This article explains more about the types of pedestrian accidents that may occur, why compensation is important and how to make a claim. How do pedestrian accidents happen? Accidents can have….

    No Win No Fee Pedestrian Accident Claims

    Road traffic accidents are unfortunately a common occurrence on Britain’s roads today. Crashes can happen on country lanes, busy motorways and through towns or cities – often involving those travelling in the affected vehicles, but occasionally impacting upon pedestrians too. If you have been involved in an accident as a passer-by whereby someone else was….

    Pedestrian accident claims

    Pedestrian accidents are some of the most common types of accidents in the UK, with the young and elderly being particularly vulnerable. Statistics have shown that an increasing number of injury claims resulting from pedestrians being hit by cars are filed every year. While most injuries sustained from these types of accidents are comparatively minor,….

    Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

    There are a lot of pedestrians who are injured every year when they hit by either a bus, a car, or even a bicycle.  When you have been injured by someone else who was driving a vehicle, there are a lot of things that you want to do. These are the things that are going….

    Pedestrian injury claim

    If you have been involved in an accident as a pedestrian, for example, in a road traffic accident or a slip or trip on an uneven pavement, you may be able to make a pedestrian injury claim for compensation. Accidents are an unfortunate fact of life, but if you have suffered an injury through no fault….

    Pedestrian Injury Compensation

    Pedestrians are the most vulnerable road users. Simply by walking in the vicinity of motor vehicles can be a hazardous pastime. Drivers often cannot see pedestrians, either blocked by blind spots in their vehicles or hidden from their rear view mirrors. Pedestrian injuries are often the most serious because there is no bodily protection from….

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