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    "If you've been injured through no fault of your own you could be entitled to compensation. If you're unsure if you could claim, I recommend you call Accident Advice Helpline."

    Esther Rantzen

    Category : Medical negligence claim

    Injuries caused by care worker negligence

    The last thing you would want to hear about if you have a relative or loved one in a care home nearby is care worker negligence. Fortunately, such things rarely happen, which is why cases that do occur tend to hit the headlines. The majority of workers in this industry are caring and considerate individuals,….

    Compensation for being mistreated by a care worker

    It is uncommon to read stories in the press concerning someone who has been mistreated by a care worker. However, it would be wrong to suggest nothing of this nature ever happens. Such things can potentially occur if care workers do not take appropriate care with the people they look after. We must point out….

    Understanding care home negligence

    As anyone who has ever had to source a care home for a loved one will know, finding somewhere suitable can be a challenge. It is extremely rare to find a care home that is not run to the highest of standards, but you may still wish to find one that is close by and….

    Can I sue my dentist?

    ContentsKeep good records in case you need to sue your dentistReasonable expectationsWhen you visit your dentist, whether for emergency or planned treatment, you are entitled to a certain level of competence from all staff involved. In any procedure things can go wrong and sometimes they are unavoidable, but in cases of negligence, whether from ignorance….

    My nose job has gone wrong – can I claim?

    No medical procedure can ever be guaranteed to be 100% successful, even when carried out by the most diligent of surgeons. However, mistakes do happen, so if your nose job has gone wrong because of a mistake at the hands of surgeons, you may be able to claim medical negligence compensation. Nose jobs are carried….

    Cosmetic surgery compensation

    Whilst it was once only the Hollywood A-list who underwent cosmetic surgery procedures, today the number of us having cosmetic surgery is on the rise – this is due to a pressure to stay younger longer and the flexible finance options which have made surgery affordable to everyone. Did you know that we spend £300….

    Claiming compensation for Asperger’s misdiagnosis

    ContentsClinical negligence compensation claimsContact a personal injury lawyer for more informationThere are two types of misdiagnosis – either your GP could fail to diagnose your illness at all, or, more commonly, they could provide you with an incorrect diagnosis. For those suffering from Asperger’s syndrome, diagnosis can often be difficult, as individuals display normal to….

    Claiming compensation for gastric band surgery error

    Losing weight is always a struggle – one that for some people is made a lot easier by having gastric band surgery. This involves having a band surgically fitted to reduce the size of your stomach. This means you are not able to eat as much as you did before, leading to weight loss that….

    Claiming compensation for failed sterilisation

    Sterilisation can be carried out for many reasons, one of which is the desire not to have children. However, some women may be sterilised when they feel they have a large enough family or it may be carried out for medical reasons. Males may undergo a vasectomy for similar reasons and the procedure is over….

    How to make a claim against the ambulance service

    ContentsWhy might you consider a claim against the ambulance service?Was the ambulance service negligent?Call our team today to find out if you could claimEvery day, thousands of paramedics go to work for their local ambulance service. In London alone, ambulances have been a regular sight on the roads for over a century. Each part of….

    Compensation for A&E negligence

    In recent years, massive budget cuts have led to A&E departments across the country struggling to meet government targets. Overworked and understaffed, negligence can occur, and with many more people than ever before using A&E, accidents can happen. Patient care can suffer and the level of treatment provided to patients may fall below par on….

    MRSA compensation claims

    MRSA (Meticillin-resistant staphylococcus aureusis) is a bacterial infection which resists treatment by a number of antibiotics, and it is most commonly contracted in hospitals or residential homes. If you have contracted MRSA during a stay in hospital or a residential home, you could claim for compensation. Two types of claims You could claim for negligent….

    Claiming compensation for a misdiagnosed ectopic pregnancy

    ContentsHow likely is it my medical negligence claim will be successful?Contact Accident Advice Helpline to find out moreFor most expectant mums, a planned pregnancy is an exciting, happy time. However, for some women, an ectopic pregnancy can occur, which could turn pregnancy into an upsetting and scary experience. An ectopic pregnancy occurs when an egg….

    Claiming compensation for negligent nose surgery

    Any surgical procedure comes with slight risks, but these are often outweighed by the benefits. Nose surgery may be performed to correct a permanent deformity or to correct an underlying medical condition. Common procedures include a rhinoplasty and a septoplasty. Rhinoplasty deals with the re-shaping of the nose whereas septoplasty corrects deformities of the septum….

    Claiming compensation for failure to diagnose skin cancer

    Non-melanoma skin cancer is caused by the development of abnormal cells which can proliferate and spread around the body. There are two types of non-melanoma skin cancer: basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell cancer. Some people can be affected by a more serious type of skin cancer called a malignant melanoma and the first signs….

    Claiming compensation for a botched NHS operation

    Everyday people visit an NHS hospital in order to have an operation of some kind. This may be for something very minor that can be performed as a day procedure. On the other hand it may be a more involved operation that requires a short stay in hospital. In any case, regardless of the nature….

    Can I claim for pneumonia?

    ContentsWho is to blame?Symptoms of pneumoniaTreatment and prognosis for pneumoniaAre you at risk of developing pneumonia?How much compensation could you get for pneumonia?Next steps in your claim for pneumoniaPneumonia is an inflammation of the tissue in the lungs usually caused by a bacterial infection. The tiny air sacs located at the ends of the breathing….

    Medical negligence counselling

    A medical environment is somewhere we should always feel safe, so if you’ve had a bad experience in one then it is worth thinking seriously about getting medical negligence counselling. This is designed to restore your confidence and make sure that you’re able to cope in future with any medical help you may need. It’s….

    Claiming compensation for negligent root canal treatment

    Visiting your dentist should be a regular occurrence to prevent the need for any extensive treatment. However, if you do feel pain you may have to undergo a procedure such as a root canal treatment. This is a procedure performed to treat an infection which has reached the centre of the tooth and is only….

    Claiming compensation for NHS mistreatment

    The NHS is a vast service with many different departments. Every time you see your GP you are interacting with the NHS. If you visit a NHS dentist you’re visiting another part of the service. You can get prescriptions, visit clinics and be admitted to hospitals. All these are parts of the NHS. Thankfully in….

    Advice for making a medical negligence claim

    It should be stated that most medical professionals do a fantastic job and work hard in a difficult situation. Mistakes can happen and sometimes even the best professionals can make a mistake under pressure. What is not acceptable is medical negligence and if you feel this has occurred you may be able to make a….

    Claiming compensation for ADHD misdiagnosis

    ContentsMedical misdiagnosis and negligenceHow to claim for ADHD misdiagnosisAttention deficit hyperactivity disorder (commonly referred to as ADHD) is a behavioural disorder which causes symptoms of restlessness, fidgeting, an inability to concentrate and a short attention span. Sufferers also have episodes of over-activity and can be impulsive. The disorder is most commonly diagnosed at an early….

    Claiming compensation for lumpectomy surgery error

    Women who develop a cancerous lump in the breast may be advised to undergo a lumpectomy. This is the complete removal of the lump as well as the removal of tissue surrounding it to prevent cancerous cells from proliferating. This type of procedure is also known as a partial mastectomy as some healthy tissue may….

    Medical negligence claim

    If you are wondering when medical negligence could occur, the answer is following any situation where you receive medical treatment. Thankfully, most situations see patients receiving only the best care imaginable. Very few cases lead to a medical negligence claim being put forward by a patient, or the family of a patient. There are strict….

    What could the long term effects of medical negligence

    The period immediately after a medical negligence incident can be very stressful and worrying as well as painful. On the other hand, you may not even know that anything has gone wrong. Sometimes, medical negligence is not discovered until many weeks after the treatment. However, once you suspect that you are the victim of medical….

    When medical negligence could occur

    We find that many people who have been injured in a hospital or clinic are not sure about how and when medical negligence could occur. They are worried that the particular incident that hurt them is not actually a medical negligence incident. They need to talk their incident over with a legal professional who has….

    Medical negligence

    There are many situations when medical negligence could occur. Any form of medical treatment runs the risk of a negligent clinician causing you harm or of the policies and procedures that are in place causing your health to be damaged in some way. People have been harmed by dentists, doctors, podiatrist and chiropractors. You can….

    Injuries that medical negligence can cause

    The injuries that medical negligence can cause can be very severe. Unfortunately, some medical negligence incidents result in a fatality. Here at Accident Advice Helpline we understand that this is a very sensitive area of personal injury law and provide a personal, compassionate and professional service to our clients all on a no-win, no-fee** basis…..

    The cost of claiming for medical negligence

    The cost of claiming for medical negligence is not something that should put you off claiming. It is true that legal help is not cheap. However, there is a special system of handling personal injury claims that is called no-win, no-fee**. It takes the financial stress out of making a personal injury claim. Don’t worry….

    Whose fault is medical negligence?

    One of the most common questions that we get asked here at Accident Advice Helpline is whose fault is medical negligence? This is often because a victim is worried about who they should be claiming from. If you have been injured in a medical negligence incident you should not worry about this. A personal injury….

    Claiming for medical negligence

    There are many concerns surrounding claiming for medical negligence which is often considered the most sensitive of personal injury claims. Clients can be very reluctant to start a personal injury claim for medical negligence – we find that people feel more confident when starting the more common types of claim such as for road traffic….

    Legal negligence

    Medical negligence is legal negligence Here in the UK, we are very lucky that we have easy access to healthcare and prescriptions. It’s not uncommon that many of us require a visit to a medical professional every now and again. This could be for various reasons – you could visit your doctor for a sore….

    Professional negligence damages

    The amount of professional negligence damages a victim receives depends on what the mistreatment they received from the medical profession was, and how much it has affected them. For instance, someone who has the wrong leg amputated by a hospital would receive much more in professional negligence damages than a victim whose illness was prolonged….

    Surgical negligence

    Hospitals are somewhere that we expect to be safe, so being a victim of surgical negligence can be extremely traumatic. It can cause lasting psychological as well as physical damage, and you may need a lot of support to recover. Sadly, the state isn’t always very good at providing that support, which is why we….

    Surgical error claims

    In general, going into hospital for an operation is very safe, and improvements in medical technology are making it safer; but sadly, every year, a small number of people need to make surgical error claims. This can be a daunting process but it’s by no means as difficult as many people believe. As long as….

    Negligence liability claims

    Negligence liability claims explained Most healthcare in the UK is delivered at a very high grade, with doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals working to high standards to deliver top quality care. Unfortunately however, mistakes can happen, and if something goes wrong and your treatment falls below standards that are generally accepted, then you may be….

    Negligence claims

    Negligence claims explained Did you know that in order to prove negligence, a duty of care must established? If this duty of care is then breached, and you were harmed as a consequence, then you may be able to claim compensation for negligence. To find out more, read on. No matter where you live in….

    Negligence claims process

    Steps involved in the negligence claims process If you have suffered an injury at your workplace as a result of the failure of your employer to institute adequate safety measures, you can pursue the negligence claims process against them. As long as you are not at fault, any work-related incident that affects your ability to….

    Personal injury claim after being stabbed by a hypodermic needle

    Do you need to make a personal injury claim after being stabbed by a hypodermic needle  When people think about compensation, a personal injury claim after being stabbed by a hypodermic needle is not the first accident or incident that comes to mind. However, the range of consequences of being stabbed by a hypodermic needle make….

    Needlestick helpline

    What is a needlestick helpline? The problem with a needlestick injury is it is so horribly scary. The psychological pain is infinitely worse than a needle prick, prolonged because the victim has to wait for test results, and the symptoms of HIV and other terrifying infections can take weeks to show up in the blood….

    Needle stick compensation cases

    Compensation claims resulting from injuries by “sharps” come under the heading of needle stick compensation cases. “Sharps” include hypodermic needless, knives and scalpels used mainly in medical and dental procedures. Medical staff and paramedics are most at risk, but tattooists, refuse collectors, council workers and anybody else working in disposal or handling of such items….

    Compensation for needlestick injury

    You can get compensation for needlestick injury You can get compensation for needlestick injury of that you can be sure, read on to find out how. A needlestick injury is a wound that has been caused as a result of a needle puncturing the skin by accident. This kind of an injury is a big….

    Needlestick injury compensation

    Needlestick injury compensation claims explained They are also known as “sharps” injuries as the category includes needles, blades and scalpels. They are sought by mostly by healthcare workers, but other professionals are also vulnerable. Care workers, refuse collectors, cleaners and tattoo artists can be exposed to the risk of contact with a used needle. Used….

    How do I make a claim for medical expenses?

    If you’ve been injured in an accident at work, a slip, trip or fall, or a road traffic accident, this often means that you’ll be building up medical expenses. Coupled with the fact that you may be unable to work, costs can spiral. Fortunately you will be able to claim these costs back as part….

    Claim for negligence

    How to prove a claim for negligence A claim for negligence arises when you have suffered personal injury or a road traffic accident. In a claim for negligence, one needs to prove that the accident was not a result of any negligence or carelessness on the individual’s part but that it occurred as a result….

    Needlestick injuries

    It’s the stuff of horror stories; needlestick injuries conjure up tabloid horror stories of people being attacked by a random person with ill on their mind. And it is true; people waiting to find out if they have got a possibly deadly disease from needlestick injuries are put through a huge amount of stress, with….

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