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    "If you've been injured through no fault of your own you could be entitled to compensation. If you're unsure if you could claim, I recommend you call Accident Advice Helpline."

    Esther Rantzen

    Category : Other injury claims

    Who’s to blame for boiler carbon monoxide poisoning?

    Make no mistake – boiler carbon monoxide poisoning can be deadly. You cannot smell the gas or taste it, so there could be high levels in a property and you wouldn’t know until you fell ill. Even then, you may not know soon enough to do anything about it. According to the NHS, over 200….

    Were you made ill by a faulty boiler?

    Most people are aware that boilers should be serviced once a year. This ensures they are working properly, giving the best service, and most importantly, working safely as well. Gas boilers can be particularly dangerous if they are not checked on a regular basis, as they can release dangerous gases. A faulty boiler could emit….

    Lacerations and scarring compensation claims

    The phrase ‘personal injury’ covers many different types of injuries, from broken bones to head injuries, but many people may not be aware that lacerations and scarring compensation claims can be legitimate as well. It can be very traumatic if your skin has been cut and scarred as the result of an accident, and these….

    How to treat someone in shock

    ContentsWhy might someone go into shock in the first place?Did you experience shock as a result of sustaining injuries in an accident?We’ve all received a shock of some kind at some point in our lives. Yet this is very different from medical shock, which can be a serious condition. As such, it is a good….

    How to claim chest injury compensation

    Did you know that 25% of all deaths from traumatic injury are caused by chest injuries? A chest injury includes any physical injury to the chest including injuries to the lungs, heart and ribs. If you’ve been injured in an accident at work or in a public place, there is something you can do. Get….

    How to claim torn bicep compensation

    ContentsDoes this situation mean you have an opportunity to claim torn bicep compensation?Learning about torn bicep compensationYour bicep can be found in your arm, and it plays a very important role in how you can move your arm too. You may not realise how important it is until you do something to tear it. The….

    How to claim coccyx injury compensation

    The coccyx or tailbone is a triangular bone at the base of the spine, made up of three to five bony segments linked by ligaments and joints. Women are more prone to tailbone injuries than men, as the area is more exposed due to a wider pelvis. If you’ve suffered a coccyx injury, whether due….

    Compensation for a fractured pelvis

    Plenty of people break a bone at one point or another, more often when they are children. However some bones can present more problems than others when a break or fracture occurs. A good example of this is a fractured pelvis. The pelvis is not the only bone that is included when talking about a….

    Aerotow injury advice

    If you are looking for aerotow injury advice and you’re not sure whether it’s possible to make a claim, get in touch with Accident Advice Helpline. If you have suffered an accident that caused injury in the last three years that was not your fault, then it is likely you could be owed compensation from….

    Compensation for injuries requiring a prosthesis

    Claiming compensation for an accident in which you sustained injuries requiring a prosthesis is never going to make everything all right; it will not give you your missing limb(s) back or remove any psychological issues you are suffering as a result. However, what it will do is provide you with some comfort that the person….

    How to claim memory loss compensation

    If you have sustained a serious head injury after an accident at work, or in a public place, you might experience memory loss. A traumatic brain injury could lead to the development of retrograde amnesia, where you struggle to remember events prior to your accident. This could range from a few minutes to years, and….

    How to claim torn ligament compensation

    Tearing a ligament can be excruciatingly painful and debilitating. Ligaments exist in your feet, ankles and knees and are made up of connective collagen fibres which connect bones – not to be confused with tendons which connect muscle. Whilst our ligaments are tough, they can tear under sudden force, causing irreparable injury. Claiming torn ligament….

    How to claim limb amputation compensation

    The loss of a limb will profoundly affect your quality of life, so whether you have suffered an amputation after an accident at work or been unlucky enough to be involved in an accident in a public place, you could find yourself eligible to make a limb amputation compensation claim. It might be that you….

    Compensation for a compound fracture injury

    Compound fractures are fractures where the bone is sticking out through the skin, also known as open fractures. With a compound fracture injury, there is the risk of infection, so speedy medical treatment is essential to prevent the open wound from becoming infected, which could be life-threatening. If you have suffered a compound fracture injury,….

    How to claim pulled muscle compensation

    ContentsHow can a pulled muscle affect you?Could Accident Advice Helpline be of any assistance?It is quite easy to pull a muscle in a variety of situations. Sometimes you might overreach for something and stretch a muscle beyond the range it is supposed to operate within. While anyone can pull a muscle in a variety of….

    How to claim severed tendons compensation

    The tendons are fibrous tissue which attaches muscle to bone, and whilst they are very strong, they can rupture or tear if placed under extreme force. Severing a tendon can be very painful and, left untreated, it could lead to permanent disability or chronic pain. Whether you’ve injured yourself at work or in a public….

    How to claim amnesia compensation

    Amnesia is something we are all familiar with to some extent, but probably only from watching television or films. It can be used as a dramatic device, but while it can have dramatic effects in real life as well, it is very different from what we might be used to seeing on screen. Memory loss….

    The consequences of unqualified gas engineers

    Many homes across the UK have gas supplies connected to them. Gas helps power our central heating and can heat the water we need in our daily lives. We rarely think about how much we might use our gas supplies, unless of course something goes wrong with them. If we need assistance in this way,….

    How to claim torn ligaments compensation

    Slip, trip or fall injuries are amongst the most common injuries that people claim personal injury compensation for, and you’d be surprised at the types of injuries which can be sustained during a slip, trip or fall. Whilst you might be lucky enough to escape with bruises, torn ligaments and tendons are actually a fairly….

    How to claim electrocution compensation

    If you have been electrocuted at work or in a public place and you believe somebody else is to blame, what can you do about it? Well, you could claim electrocution compensation if a faulty electrical outlet or piece of machinery has caused your accident. Since 2000, Accident Advice Helpline has handled hundreds of claims….

    How to claim limb loss compensation

    The loss of a limb, whether it is an arm or a leg, can have devastating consequences not only for the person injured but also for their family. Losing a limb could mean being wheelchair bound or may mean extensive surgery is needed so that you can regain your mobility. It may mean that you….

    Compensation for injuries causing arthritis

    Arthritis is often something that is associated with the elderly. However, there are cases where people suffer from arthritis as a consequence of an injury they suffered at some stage in their lives. Since arthritis tends to affect joints, a joint that has received a traumatic injury at some point could later go on to….

    Serious injury counselling

    If you’ve been in a major accident, serious injury counselling can be an important part of the recovery process. It can help you to get over the shock of what happened and help you learn to live with any lasting pain or disability. If the accident that caused your problems wasn’t your fault, here at Accident Advice….

    Other injury claims

    There are some very common injuries that are the result of accidents. Broken bones, cuts and abrasions all happen frequently, but the most common of all is whiplash. The same basic rules apply to personal injury claims whether it is for one of these more common injuries or something a bit more unusual. You may….

    How to treat sunstroke

    Sunstroke can be a serious, life-threatening condition if action is not taken at the first signs of it appearing. If somebody is suffering from heatstroke or sunstroke, it’s important to know what to do. How to treat sunstroke will depend on how serious the symptoms seem to be but you should always call for emergency….

    Compensation for dog lead injuries

    When you’re out walking your dog, or even enjoying a run or walk, the last thing you expect is to be injured. But dog leads could easily cause a tripping accident, especially retractable leads which can be hard to see if they are stretched across a path or even a cycle lane. If you trip….

    Other injuries

    There are some types of injuries which don’t fit into any given category like ‘upper body injuries’ or ‘back injuries.’ These other injuries could include things like paralysis, concussion, internal injuries or even a fatality. If you or somebody you love has sustained an injury like this – or if somebody you love has been….

    Cartilage damage

    How cartilage damage can affect you Cartilage damage is a relatively common injury, but that doesn’t make it any less painful or debilitating. The majority of cartilage damage cases treated by medical professionals involve the knee joint. A lot of the cases we see occur after a slip, trip or fall, a sporting accident, or….

    What compensation do you get for the loss of a limb?

    Any accident or injury can take its toll on your bank balance as well as your physical and mental health. Luckily, compensation is available for some accidents. If you’ve been searching to find, ‘What compensation do you get for loss of limb?’ then perhaps we can help. Who are we? We are Accident Advice Helpline,….

    Types of bone fractures

    Generally speaking, fractures occur when one of the body’s 200-plus bones has had too much pressure applied to it, most often during an accident or fall. In all cases, the end result is a fully or partly broken bone. If the accident is severe, causing a particularly nasty break, it’s possible for the bone to….

    Torn muscle symptoms

    This fact sheet is for people who are concerned about torn muscles, the cause, diagnosis and treatment. It discusses torn muscle symptoms and what to do if you believe that you are suffering injury due to the actions of someone else. A torn or pulled muscle happens when you overstretch a muscle. This can commonly….

    Suing for pain and suffering

    Are you thinking of suing for pain and suffering? If you have been injured in an accident, you’re likely to be left in pain, particularly if your injuries are serious. You may need medical treatment or to spend time in hospital, and you may even need physiotherapy or ongoing treatment after your accident, for more….

    Strain injury

    Repetitive strain injury (RSI) is something of a modern phenomenon. Over the past few decades, computers have changed the way we work, and there are now more of us sitting at desks and typing than ever before. But these small movements that become an invisible part of our daily routine, reaching for the mouse; hitting….

    Spondylitis symptoms

    ContentsHas an accident made your spondylitis symptoms worse?Spondylitis is one of the most commonly found causes of pain in the back and neck, and occurs when the vertebral joints have become inflamed. Often, the condition is only diagnosed when it is full-blown and causing the patient to feel pain. Spondylitis symptoms include a pain which….

    Compensation claim for a knocked out tooth

      How to contact a lawyer to help with your case Hiring a lawyer to help you file a compensation claim for a knocked out tooth is absolutely necessary. If you would like to hire such a lawyer all you need to do is to contact Accident Advice Helpline. The law firm’s representatives are available….

    Brachial plexus injury

    A personal injury lawyer will have to deal with a whole range of injuries and one of these is a brachial plexus injury. The brachial plexus is actually a network of nerves that transmit signals from the spine to the shoulder, arm, and hand. If these nerves have been damaged then you are said to….

    Bodily injury compensation claim

    There are several stages to a bodily injury compensation claim and they all have to be completed in the correct way if you are going to receive a fair amount of compensation at the end of your case. If you are handling your bodily injury claim via Accident Advice Helpline then you will be in safe….

    Bodily injury

    You may be of the opinion that personal injury claims are for a bodily injury only – for someone in plaster because they have broken their leg in an accident that was not their fault. In fact, personal injury claims are not just for a bodily injury – they are for psychological injuries as well…..

    Pain and suffering claims

    Do you need to make pain and suffering claims? If you’re considering making compensation claims following an injury, you may be looking for information on pain and suffering claims. Although it’s not generally possible for one person to make numerous claims for the same injury or incident, if more than one person is injured it may….

    Have you been hurt or suffered pain?

    Have you been hurt or suffered pain? If you’ve been hurt or suffered pain because of someone else, you may be pleased to know that you could obtain compensation for the harm you’ve suffered. However, in order to make a successful compensation you and your personal injury lawyers will need to show that you weren’t….

    Ligament injury

    Are you recovering from a ligament injury following an accident that wasn’t your fault? Have you had a slip, trip or fall that could have been prevented? Perhaps you have slipped over in a supermarket on an unmarked spillage. Shops and cafes have a responsibility to make customers aware of hazards until they are able….

    Meniscus tear

    Meniscus tear claims advice A meniscus tear is a painful and debilitating knee injury. It can be caused by twisting the knee while playing sport, lifting a heavy object or slipping off a kerb. A simple fall can cause a meniscus tear. If you’ve been involved in an accident and suffered this injury then you….

    How to work out a quantum personal injury

    ContentsTypes of injury that might lead to a quantum personal injury claimHow much compensation might you receive if your claim is successful?Assessing other factorsWhat about claims made by relatives of those who were killed in accidents?Call now for more information about quantum personal injury and associated claimsMost people have heard of personal injury claims. But….

    Claiming for a broken collar bone

    If you have broken your collar bone, it is possible that you may be compensated for this fracture under the following conditions: The accident in which your injury was caused was the fault of someone else. You had medical treatment for your injury The accident happened within the last three years If you meet the above conditions then you….

    How much compensation for a torn ligament?

    When someone is seeking compensation for a torn ligament, ‘how much will I get?’, is one of the questions that they will ask their solicitor. But what a lot of people don’t know is that there are different answers to the question based on the facts of the case. Below are some of the factors….

    Compensation for fractured collar bone

    A fractured collarbone is very painful to have to deal with. It is also a very inconvenient injury to have. That is why a lot of people seek compensation for a fractured collar bone when they have been injured. Many people also look for a solicitor to help them with their claim. However, it can….

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