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    "If you've been injured through no fault of your own you could be entitled to compensation. If you're unsure if you could claim, I recommend you call Accident Advice Helpline."

    Esther Rantzen

    Category : Ankle injury claims

    Are you suffering from sprained ankle complications?

    What are sprained ankle complications? These describe various things you might experience following an accident that saw you sprain your ankle. For example, you might have swelling that doesn’t fully go away even after the initial healing period. You might suffer prolonged pain or weakness – or both – in that ankle, even months after….

    I sprained my ankle and it still hurts, what can I do?

    Sprained ankles are nasty, and they can cause the sufferer a lot of pain. Many people recover quickly, but the recovery time depends on how bad the sprain was to start with. The more serious the injury is, the more chance there is the recovery will take longer, and you’ll have a greater chance of….

    Claiming for a toddler’s sprained ankle

    When it comes to a toddler’s sprained ankle, it can be more challenging to deal with than a sprain in an adult. If you’ve sprained your own ankle, chances are you will know what you have done, or at least suspect it is a sprain. Now, imagine your child experiences that same injury. You know how….

    Suffering a sprained ankle with Achilles pain

    A sprained ankle occurs when you turn your ankle over to one side, often overbalancing and falling on the joint in the process. Sometimes, you may hear or feel something tear in your ankle, and there are other symptoms you might feel after the injury has occurred, too. For example, some people may suffer sprained….

    Do you need regular sprained ankle physio treatment?

    When you sprain your ankle, you stand a chance of suffering anything from a mild sprain to a serious sprain. A sprain occurs when the ligaments are overstretched, sometimes to the point of being torn. If the tear is complete, across one or more ligaments, it is more likely you will require sprained ankle physio….

    Is there really a sprained ankle cure?

    If you came here looking for a sprained ankle cure, chances are you are currently resting up with that exact injury. It’s a painful thing to experience, to be sure, especially since sprains can vary from mild ones to those that involve a complete tear to at least one ligament in the ankle. This takes….

    Did you suffer a sprained ankle injury at work?

    A sprained ankle injury is not only painful, it can prevent you doing most of the things you’d normally take for granted. If the sprain is a nasty one, you won’t be able to bear weight on it for a few days. Additionally, you’ll find you can’t do daily tasks – and you may not….

    Compensation for a sprained or broken ankle

    Have you ever had a sprained or broken ankle? You wouldn’t think it would be impossible to tell the difference between the two injuries, but when a sprain is severe – graded as three on the scale of one to three of sprains – it is virtually impossible to tell whether you’ve sprained it or….

    Did you suffer a sprained ankle running?

    There are many ways you could end up with a sprained ankle. Running is one of them, and it can potentially result in a painful injury because of the speed you are going when it happens. If you are walking and you turn your ankle over, you may not injure it badly. However, the speed….

    What are the usual sprained ankle signs?

    So you think you may have sprained your ankle, but you’re not too sure? Accident Advice Helpline has helped hundreds of members of the public to claim compensation after spraining their ankle in an accident, and here are some of the most common sprained ankle signs: Swelling Tenderness Bruising Pain Inability to put weight on….

    Some useful sprained ankle rehab exercises

    When you tear, twist or stretch ligaments in your ankle, the result is a painful sprain that can take six to eight weeks to fully heal. Even a minor sprain can mean you’re out of action for some time, and it is important to keep your sprained ankle mobile as soon as possible after your….

    How to apply a sprained ankle compression

    You may already know about the RICE approach to dealing with a sprained ankle. Compression is a crucial part of this idea, along with Resting the joint, Icing it and elevating it. Compression and Elevation will both work to reduce the swelling, and this can reduce pain and help you on the way to recovery….

    Did you need a sprained ankle cast after an accident?

    Accidents can happen in a split second. They can also leave you with injuries that may take many days, weeks or even months to heal from – injuries you didn’t have moments earlier. Dealing with the consequences of a sprained ankle, for example, can be inconvenient and painful. You might need to stop working while….

    Have you received sprained ankle massage therapy?

    Spraining your ankle is a painful experience to go through, especially if you suffer a serious or complete tear of one of the ligaments that helps to keep your ankle stable. The severity of the sprain can help determine how long it might take to recover. In some cases, additional therapy might be useful, and….

    What to do after you’ve sprained your ankle

    When you’ve suffered a sprained ankle, what to do becomes very important. Should you seek medical help for the injury, or is this something that can easily be treated at home? In truth, it depends on how bad the injury is. We’ve all turned our ankle over at one time or another – it’s very….

    What if your sprained ankle still hurts months later?

    You tripped, slipped or fell, and before you knew it you had sprained your ankle. This injury hurts the moment you experience it, but there is also a chance your sprained ankle still hurts months after the original injury occurred. While most sprains heal well if you rest the affected joint and allow it time….

    Did you need a sprained ankle x-ray?

    Most of us remember turning an ankle over at some point, whether it was through tripping or slipping on a surface or some other reason entirely. While many cases involve nothing more than a mild strain, a sprained ankle is a very painful condition and one that is quite common. A sprained ankle x-ray is….

    What if your sprained ankle is not healing?

    Most sprains heal in a matter of days or weeks, but it does depend on how serious the original injury was. When a sprained ankle is not healing, your life will change and become much harder to get through each day. You cannot walk as you normally do, and you may find you must use….

    Do you now need a sprained ankle support to walk?

    Spraining your ankle is a common injury. A strain is not as bad and merely overstretches the ligaments in the joint – something most of us have done at one time or another. However, if the ankle is turned over and the person falls heavily onto it, a sprain can occur. This means the ligament….

    Do you need to wear a sprained ankle boot?

    If you have ever sprained your ankle, you’ll know it is a very painful injury. It’s also quite common. If you turn your ankle over heavily enough, it can tear the ligaments that help support the ankle joint. You may feel something tear when this happens, and you’ll notice immediate swelling in that ankle. You….

    Claiming for sprained ankle pain and suffering

    Never underestimate sprained ankle pain – for many people a serious sprain can be as painful as an ankle fracture; and the symptoms can be similar too. If you’re experiencing what you think is sprained ankle pain then it is vital to see a medical professional and have your injuries diagnosed. It may be that….

    What if your sprained ankle was caused by negligence?

    A sprained ankle can mean you need to take time off work, and depending on the grade of sprain it can take around six weeks or more to heal. It can take even longer than this to regain full range of motion, sensation and mobility in your ankle, and you may need physiotherapy to help….

    How to claim sprained ankle compensation

    So, you’ve sprained your ankle after a fall in a shopping centre? Or perhaps it was an accident at work. It might even have happened as you were walking to work and tripped on a damaged paving stone. Whatever has happened, sprained ankle compensation is available for anyone who has been injured in a no-fault….

    Fractured ankle

    A fractured ankle can cause a great deal of upset and pain Many of us are particularly vulnerable to a fractured ankle because we use them every time we walk, skip, run or jump. The movement we put our bodies through every day can cause a lot of stress and strain on our ankles. You could….

    How much compensation for a sprained ankle?

    Sprained ankles are a pain!  How much compensation will I get for a sprained ankle? You cannot bear your own weight. You can’t even comfortably operate the pedals on your car. And forget about taking part in your favourite sport! And now you are wondering ‘How much compensation will I get for a sprained ankle?’ If….

    How much is a broken ankle claim worth?

    A broken ankle is painful. However it is also very inconvenient. You cannot bear your own weight. You can’t drive, walk or move around easily. And now you are wondering ‘How much is a broken ankle claim worth?’. If you have suffered a broken ankle and it was not your fault, Accident Advice Helpline may be able….

    Can I claim compensation for a sprained ankle?

    If you have sprained your ankle you could be in difficulty! You cannot bear your own weight. You can’t walk, drive or move about comfortably. Now you are wondering ‘Can I claim compensation for a sprained ankle?’ If you have suffered a sprained ankle and it was not your fault, Accident Advice Helpline may be….

    Compensation for a fractured ankle

    How much can I claim in compensation for a fractured ankle? The law states that if you are injured or fall ill and it was somebody else’s fault then you are entitled to seek compensation for the pain, physical, emotional and financial, that you have endured as a result of your ailment. This begs the….

    Injured ankle

    Help I’ve got an injured ankle If you are sitting at home and thinking, I’ve sprained my ankle how am I going to cope with my medical bills and with not being able to work, then you need to consider the possibility of pursuing a compensation claim. When can I claim compensation? The law states….

    Damaged ankle ligaments

    Sprained or damaged ankles are separated into three levels: mild, moderate and severe. The lowest level of damage causes minimal pain and no loss of ability to put weight on the injured foot, whilst the most severe is usually a complete tear of a ligament which means a complete loss of ability to put weight on….

    Help I’ve Sprained My Ankle

    Help I’ve Sprained My Ankle — What Next? If you think that you may have sprained your ankle, there are a number of steps you can take to ensure the damage is taken care of as soon as possible. If you have sprained your ankle and the accident was not your fault, you may also….

    Value of a broken ankle claim

    If you have ever suffered from a broken ankle, then you will know that it is a very painful and hugely infuriating complaint that can take a frustratingly long time to heal. What you may not know, however, is that you may have be entitled to seek compensation for this. When can you claim for….

    How much compensation for a broken ankle?

    Are you wondering how much compensation for a broken ankle you’d get? You may have sustained a broken ankle in an accident that was no fault of yours and be wondering: “how much compensation can I claim for it?” You may have injured it in a slip, trip or fall, or in a road accident. Wherever….

    Compensation value for a sprained ankle

    Sprained ankles are a pain! You have injured your ankle. You cannot bear your own weight. You can’t even comfortably operate the pedals on your car. And forget about taking part in your favourite sport! And now you are wondering, what is the compensation value for a sprained ankle? If you have suffered a sprained ankle….

    The healing process of damaged ligaments in ankle

    If you are a sports enthusiast you may suffer from a sprained ankle, which may cause damage to the ligaments in your ankle. You can sprain your ankle if you trip or fall too, and if your foot twists inwards, then you can damage the ligaments in your ankle. What to do when you sprain….

    Broken ankles injuries claims

    There is no end to the injuries that can happen in accidents some of them more serious than others. Broken bones are a very common injury, and at some point we have all seen someone with their foot in a plaster cast, struggling on crutches. This is often because they have broken an ankle, but….

    Discreet fracture of an ankle

    Dealing with a discreet fracture of an ankle Firstly, let us describe what we mean by a discreet fracture of an ankle. A discreet fracture of an ankle describes a break or fracture in any one of the three bones that make up the ankle joint. It might also be called a broken ankle or….

    Dislocated ankle with fracture

    Dealing with a dislocated ankle with fracture What is a dislocated ankle with fracture?  And how do you deal with a dislocated ankle with fracture – is it different to a general ankle with fracture? What is a dislocated ankle with fracture? A dislocated ankle with fracture is just like any other fractured or broken ankle,….

    Avulsion fracture to the Ankle

    Whether it’s due to a broken paving slab, trailing cables in the workplace or a wet floor in a supermarket left with no warning signs, slips, trips and falls can occur anywhere and at any time. In many cases they are preventable, and often they are not the fault of the victim. What is an….

    Fractured ankle treatment

    What is the correct fractured ankle treatment? The need for fractured ankle treatment is quite common, as it is easy for an accident to result in a fractured ankle. Doctors will use the term fracture for a crack or break in the bones, whereas the general public tend to use the term fracture for a crack….

    Ankle pain

    Ankle pain is a common complaint. It can occur naturally, but if it results from your involvement in an accident, there is a strong possibility you will be able to claim compensation. What are the main types of ankle pain? Ankle pain can result from injuries caused by road traffic accidents, work accidents, medical negligence….

    Ankle injury in the UK

    Has a trip or fall led to an ankle injury in the UK? An ankle injury in the UK can ensure you’re out of action for weeks, if not months. You can forget driving your car – you’ll be lucky if you can even hobble around the house! Ankle injuries can be incredibly painful and….

    Ankle Injury: How Much?

    Claiming after an ankle injury: How much compensation am I due? Ankle injuries can be incredibly painful and can stop you from going about your normal day to day routine. You probably won’t be able to drive and you may not be able to go to work, which can affect your income and leave you….

    Ankle injury compensation advice

    Useful ankle injury compensation advice An ankle injury is very debilitating and it can be caused by any number of factors. Something as simple as a trip or a fall can result in a painful injury that makes it difficult to walk, work or concentrate. They can happen to anyone, but the trauma that results….

    Ankle injury compensation claims

    Ankle Injury Compensation Claims Every year, Accident Advice Helpline helps a large number of claimants with ankle injuries that were not their fault. What are the reasons for ankle injury compensation claims? Ankle injuries, including fractures and strains, occur in many environments but the majority of ankle injury claims arise after an accident at work,….

    Serious Ankle injury claim

    Making a serious ankle injury claim An ankle injury suffered at work or in the home can be enormously debilitating, impacting many areas of daily routine that most of us take for granted. As well as affecting day to day life, an injured ankle may also prevent you from working. But you shouldn’t be made….

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