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    "If you've been injured through no fault of your own you could be entitled to compensation. If you're unsure if you could claim, I recommend you call Accident Advice Helpline."

    Esther Rantzen

    Category : Broken bones claims

    Compensation for a broken sternum

    ContentsWhat are the symptoms of a broken sternum?Prognosis and treatment for a sternum fractureCommon car accident injuriesWho caused your car accident?Claiming compensation for a broken sternumDo I need to go to court to make a personal injury claim?The sternum is the breastbone which is located in the centre of the chest, attaching your first seven….

    How to claim broken collarbone compensation

    A broken or fractured collarbone or clavicle is commonly caused by a fall, but could also be the result of trauma sustained in a car accident. Your collarbone is a long, narrow bone running from your breastbone to each shoulder, and it’s usually fairly easy to tell if you have sustained a broken collarbone or….

    Compensation for sternum injuries

    ContentsHow might you incur sternum injuries?A bruised sternumA fractured sternumHow to deal with sternum injuriesFinding out whether you have an opportunity to claim compensationStart a claim todayThe sternum is also known as the breastbone. It is a very strong bone that sits in the front of the chest, and the collar bones and uppermost ribs….

    Compensation for an injury requiring metal plates

    ContentsWhat do the metal plates do?Recovering from an injuryYou may have heard of people who have had to have surgery to insert a metal plate complete with screws to help them heal from a particularly complicated injury. While many broken bones will heal and set themselves, this is not always the case. A more complex….

    How to claim broken humerus compensation

    The largest bone you have in each arm is called the humerus. While the lower arm from the wrist to the elbow consists of two bones, the humerus is the only bone in the upper arm. It runs from the elbow up to the shoulder. If you fracture your humerus bone, you’ll usually do it….

    How to make bone fracture claims

    Bone fractures can be serious and take a long time to recover from, not to mention they are painful and may even limit your mobility depending on the area of the injury. Bone fracture claims are being sought by people who have been injured as a direct result of an accident which could have been….

    How to claim broken cheekbone compensation

    Have you suffered a cheekbone fracture after a fall at work or a car accident? Cheekbone fractures can be incredibly painful and debilitating, but the good news is that most heal without complications. If you’ve suffered a broken cheekbone, chances are that you may have also sustained other facial or head injuries such as eye,….

    How to claim metatarsal injury compensation

    If you break a metatarsal bone, you’ve basically broken a bone in your foot. They are the longest bones in the foot, with five in each foot. The plural of metatarsal is metatarsus. Your metatarsus are more commonly broken in sports but they can be broken under other conditions as well. In some cases these….

    How to claim broken ribs compensation

    Broken ribs are usually caused by a blow to the chest or a fall, and whilst they can be incredibly painful, they are normally left to heal naturally, unlike some other fractures. It may take around 3 to 6 weeks for broken ribs to heal, and it’s important to avoid straining or lifting anything heavy….

    How to claim broken patella compensation

    Your patella is the proper name for your kneecap. This can be injured or broken if it experiences a significant impact. A patellar fracture, just like a fracture that happens to any other bone, can be a hairline (a very thin) fracture, or something more complex. Patellar fractures are very rare and when they do….

    How to claim broken pelvis compensation

    Some broken bones heal more easily than others and still allow you to get on with your daily life, at least to some extent. However, a broken pelvis is a major injury and it may take some considerable time to make a good recovery. A lot will obviously depend on the nature of the fracture,….

    How to claim broken femur compensation

    If someone says they have got a broken femur you may not immediately know which bone they have broken. However if they were to tell you they’d broken their thigh bone, you would certainly be aware of where they’d experienced their injury. You may know first-hand what it is like to break your femur. It….

    How to claim broken sternum compensation

    A broken sternum (breastbone) is usually caused by a direct blow to the chest, with vehicle collisions the most common cause of sternal fractures. Because such a large force is needed to cause a sternal fracture, it’s common to find damage to other parts of the body too, including the heart, lungs, ribs and blood….

    How to claim broken fibula compensation

    Your fibula is a bone in your lower leg. Of the two bones (the tibia and fibula) the fibula is a lot thinner and can be found on the outside of the lower part of your leg. If you break your fibula it is likely to be extremely painful and may even make you feel….

    Types of bone fracture: Stress fracture

    Some of the most common causes of bone fractures are slips, trips and falls. Accidents such as these can occur wherever you are, and include incidents at work and at home. There are, however, different types of fractures that do occur due to a more exclusive set of behaviours – this includes stress fractures. What….

    How to claim broken metatarsal compensation

    Any broken bone can cause you problems and inconvenience for a while, not to mention pain. A broken metatarsal means you have broken one of the main bones in your foot. This usually means it will have to be plastered while it heals and knits back together. This in turn means you’ll probably need to….

    Where to get broken bones compensation advice

    Broken bones can be minor or serious injuries depending on whether you suffer a simple, complex or compound fracture. Age can also be a factor when it comes to recovering from broken bones – elderly people’s bones are more brittle which means not only are they more at risk of breaking bones, in a fall,….

    How to claim broken scapula compensation

    Scapula is the proper name for your shoulder blade. This is the part of your shoulder you can feel and usually see on your back, with the aid of a mirror. It joins your humerus, which is the bone in your upper arm, with your clavicle, or collar bone. This is the bone at the….

    How to claim broken fingers compensation

    We use our fingers in everyday life to carry out almost every task, from buttoning up clothes to preparing breakfast, to carrying out our jobs and driving the car. Breaking your fingers can result in serious, permanent damage that can affect your ability to be independent and do things for yourself. Even minor injuries could….

    Average healing time for a broken sternum

    Most bones are broken because of a heavy impact, and the same applies to the sternum or breast bone. The average healing time for a broken sternum will depend, as usual, on how bad the break is. However, this is a hard bone to break and only a few people who receive a blow to….

    How to claim broken knuckle compensation

    Think of a broken knuckle and you might think someone has punched someone to cause it. Yet in reality things like this can happen in other ways as well. You could break a knuckle if something was to land on your hand and was heavy enough to cause such an injury. If you are working….

    How to claim broken tibia compensation

    The tibia qualifies as the second-largest bone in the whole of the human body. The tibia is sometimes referred to as the shin bone, because you can feel it at the front of your leg – the part you’d refer to as your shin. This is a large bone and a strong one too, since….

    Advice on claiming for a broken sternum

    A broken sternum is sometimes referred to as a sternal fracture. It refers to your breastbone and it is quite a difficult injury to sustain. The sternum is by its very nature a tough bone as it has such a lot to protect. However, it can potentially occur in car accidents or when someone suffers….

    Broken bone claims

    Broken bone claims are one of the most common types of personal injury claim. This type of injury can happen easily and in a variety of different ways. Did you know that there are 206 bones in the body – that’s a lot of bones to break! Fractures can range from minor fracture to multiple….

    The cost of claiming for broken bones

    Only approximately 30% of innocent accident victims claim the compensation they are entitled to after being injured through no fault of their own. The main reason for their reluctance to claim is that many have concerns over the cost of claiming for broken bones, or any other injury. It is a common misconception you will….

    How a broken bone happens

    Are you wondering how a broken bone happens? If you are in an accident that was not your own fault you could easily suffer a broken bone. Many people wonder ‘How a broken bone happens?’ It only takes a heavy impact or excessive twist to break a bone. This could easily happen in a road….

    Treating broken bones

    How a doctor approaches treating broken bones can obviously vary depending on where the break is and its severity. The one thing they all have in common is the sooner they can begin treating broken bones the better. Some ways of treating broken bones Before treating broken bones can begin, first they have to establish….

    Tripping broken bone compensation

    Accidents happen all the time. However, there are circumstances in which those accidents are not our fault, and when this happens there comes the question of whether or not you’re entitled to any compensation. Accidents such as tripping for instance, can result in broken bones which can in turn affect your ability to work or….

    T12 fracture compensation

    64% of spinal fractures occur in the lower back region. These can often result in a T12 fracture. A T12 fracture is a compression injury, that can be caused by a fall, a car crash, or anything that puts too much force on the spine. These can be the result of an accident suffered at work, or by a….

    Spiral fibula fracture

    The fibula is in the lower leg, and one of two bones running parallel below the knee; the other is the tibia. It’s the latter that really holds your weight. The fibula serves as an attachment point for muscles and ligaments at the ankle level of the legs. You can even take bone from it….

    Broken femur

    Can a broken femur cause knee pain? The femur is the bone that makes up the thigh area and if it is broken then it can cause pain in various areas of the leg depending on your physical activity and the severity of the break. It is noticeable when there has been a break or….

    Broken fibula needs pinning

    If you sustain an injury and if a broken fibula needs pinning, you can contact a lawyer to help you make a compensation claim. How to contact a lawyer to help you with your case A lawyer who is experienced in a case as technical as yours would be in a strong position to put together….

    Broken leg compensation

    If you have sustained an injury while playing football, you may be entitled to broken leg compensation. You can obtain the compensation you deserve by contacting a solicitor to assist you with your case, provided that you broke your leg through no fault of your own. How your lawyer can help you to get broken leg compensation after a….

    Broken bone personal injury claim

    If you happen to break a bone, you may be able to hire a lawyer to develop and fight a compensation claim for you. You are entitled to make a broken bone personal injury claim for the damage done, but it must not have been caused through any fault of your own. Contacting a lawyer to make a broken….

    Broken baby toe

    If you happen to sustain an injury to your small toe, you should contact a lawyer to assist you with filing a compensation claim. After all, you are entitled to it due to your broken baby toe and your lawyer would help you in formulating your case to ensure a positive outcome. How to contact….

    Injury claim for broken bones

    Most people have 206 bones in their body, each one just waiting to be broken. This type of injury can happen easier than you might think. A forceful blow or twist can break a bone very quickly, and if someone one else was to blame for the accident that caused it, you may be entitled….

    Broken tibia and fibula physiotherapy

    Make a compensation claim as broken tibia and fibula physiotherapy can be expensive A broken tibia and fibula is a common injury. It is usually one or the other, but sometimes both can be injured. After the necessary medical treatment is undertaken to heal the bones, it is likely that physiotherapy will be required. A….

    Broken talus

    What should you do if you have a broken talus injury? The talus is a bone found in a large group of foot bones called the tarsus. In the lower section of the ankle joint, the tarsus bones are formed. The talus is a significant bone, as it helps a person to walk on ground that….

    Broken navicular foot bone

    If you have sustained a broken navicular foot bone, you may be entitled to compensation, provided the injury occurred through no fault of your own. Your best option would be to contact a lawyer to help you with your case and file a claim. How to contact a lawyer to help with your case When it….

    Broken fibula and foot

    If you sustain a broken fibula and foot, contact a lawyer to assist you with your case because you may be entitled to compensation if the injury occurred through no fault of your own. How to contact a lawyer to help you with your claim For an expert and experienced lawyer, get in touch with….

    Chipped a bone in your ankle

    Have you chipped a bone in your ankle? No doubt there is lot of pain involved, and because it endures, it may feel worse than when it actually happened. There are many different ways that you could have chipped a bone in your ankle, and lots of different accident types that could have led to….

    Broken fibula

    Qualifying for compensation for a broken fibula If you have had the bad luck to sustain a broken fibula in an accident, and it was not your fault, then you may be entitled to make an injury claim for compensation. In order to make a claim, you may have to show that somebody who owed you….

    Broken foot

    Have you sustained a broken foot? Accident Advice Helpline can shower you with free legal advice. We realise that sustaining a broken foot is very painful, can take time to heal, and can be a big inconvenience for you in going about your day-to-day life. So we do take this kind of injury very seriously…..

    Broken toes

    Sustained broken toes in an accident? Dependent upon on how you received your injury, and how bad the injury is, compensation can be paid for broken toes; as long as the accident was caused by somebody other than yourself. How much does a fractured toe pay in compensation? That depends on how badly your toe….

    Recovery from a broken fibula

    A broken fibula can also be seen to be similar to something known as a broken leg. A broken fibula can occur in a number of ways and there are a number of reasons as to why you might be affected by one. For example, some people might find that they have sustained a broken….

    Walking after a broken fibula

    The fibula is the thinner of the two bones which form the lower part of the leg and relative to its length is the narrowest of all of the long limb bones in the human body. As such, a break of the fibula is far more common than a break of the tibia, but this….

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