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    Esther Rantzen

    Category : Repetitive strain injury

    Average payout for repetitive strain injury

    ContentsShould you be concerned about repetitive strain injury?Am I at risk of RSI?What can your employer do?How much compensation could you get for RSI?Available treatment for RSIClaiming compensation for RSIRepetitive strain injury (RSI) is defined as ‘an injury to the musculoskeletal and nervous systems that may be caused by repetitive tasks, forceful exertions, vibrations, mechanical….

    Can I claim for carpal tunnel syndrome?

    In recent times, here at Accident Advice Helpline we have seen an increase in the number of claims made for carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). We do not expect a decline in such claims at any time soon, since people nowadays are working for longer hours each day as they try to make ends meet. Carpal tunnel….

    How to claim for RSI compensation

    Injuries in the workplace are a common issue and they often arise due to individuals failing to follow the correct health and safety procedures in place. All employers have a legal duty of care to follow regarding the health and safety of their employees in the workplace. One of the more common types of workplace….

    Repetitive strain injury caused by work

    One of the leading causes of lasting discomfort in the workplace, repetitive strain injury is a crippling affliction that affects thousands of workers on a yearly basis. It was once a condition only thought to affect production line workers or workers in food processing plants who worked with small, intricate assembly items rapidly and over….

    Treatment for RSI: Acupuncture

    RSI is an umbrella term for a variety of, often work-related, conditions affecting the nerves, muscles, and tendons of the neck, arms, and hands of sufferers. Once diagnosed with RSI, which is also commonly known as cumulative trauma disorder, employees are usually advised to stop whatever activity is believed to be the cause. This may….

    Treatment for RSI: Steroid injections

    What is RSI? Repetitive Strain Injury, commonly known as RSI, is a condition which results in pain from repeatedly using the same muscle groups. It describes a wide range of conditions affecting the muscles, tendons and other soft tissues in the body. RSI is common in the workplace and is one of the most commonly….

    Who’s to blame for my RSI?

    If you have been diagnosed with Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and you are wondering, “Who’s to blame for my RSI?” we would suggest you speak to a professional advisor and see whether you could be entitled to claim compensation for your injury. How does RSI happen? RSI occurs when a repetitive action is carried out….

    Most common causes of repetitive strain injury

    Defining repetitive strain injury Repetitive strain injuries are related to over-use of upper body tendons and muscles, in particular those in the arms, wrists and hands, neck, back and shoulders. They are also often referred to as repetitive stress injury, cumulative trauma disorder, musculoskeletal disorder, repetitive motion disorder/ injury or occupational/ sports overuse syndrome. Repetitive….

    Top tips for avoiding RSI at work

    RSI – or repetitive strain injury – is a condition that is caused by performing the same actions over and over again. It does not necessarily involve doing things that are strenuous, or lifting heavy objects. It is the repetitive motion that may cause damage. Avoiding RSI at work is very important, because if you….

    How to make RSI claims

    RSI claims generally result from situations where an individual has developed repetitive strain injury (RSI) as a result of the work they do. Employers must always adhere to health and safety laws, and the ultimate aim of these laws is to make sure their employees can work in complete safety, without having to worry about….

    Compensation for workstation RSI

    One of the most common causes of RSI, or repetitive strain injury, in an office is where an employee’s workstation is not set up properly. Your employer should carry out a workstation assessment to prevent workstation RSI from occurring – your monitor, keyboard and chair all need to be at the correct height to prevent….

    Treatment for RSI: Magnet therapy

    Although some accidents at work are industry specific, repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) tend to hit employees who work across all sectors. As the name suggests, RSIs are caused by repeated strain being inflicted on an area of the upper body. This can include, but is not limited to, the shoulders, neck and back. Work duties….

    Claiming compensation for undiagnosed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a condition of the hand which causes tingling, numbness and pain and is caused by pressure on the nerve which controls feeling and movement in the hands and fingers. It is most common in those who have family members with the condition, in pregnant women and in those who have sustained….

    In focus: Anti-vibration lycra gloves

    Anti-vibration lycra gloves are designed to protect against impact and vibration when using power tools. Anti-vibration lycra gloves provide optimal dexterity, comfort and protection. Here, Accident Advice Helpline takes an in-depth look at their uses in preventing accidents at work. Why is there a need for to protect against impact and vibration with anti-vibration lycra….

    Treatment for RSI: Bowen Technique

    Accidents at work vary from minor slips and trips, to the more severe industrial-related injuries. Although many work-related injuries are industry specific, with risks and hazards fluctuating greatly from job to job, repetitive strain injury (RSI) is one of the accidents at work prevalent in most sectors. How can the Bowen Technique aid my RSI?….

    Treatment for RSI: Shiatsu

    What is RSI? RSI or to give it its full title, Repetitive Strain Injury, is a condition which results in severe pain from frequently using the same muscle groups. RSI is an umbrella term describing a variety of conditions, which may affect the muscles, tendons and other soft tissues in the body. RSI is a….

    Treatment for RSI: Pilates

    What is RSI? Repetitive Strain Injury or to use the more common term, RSI, is a condition which results in pain from repeatedly straining and exercising the same muscle groups. It describes a wide range of conditions affecting the muscles, tendons and other soft tissues. RSI is an extremely common phenomenon in the workplace and….

    Treatment for RSI: Chiropractic and Osteopathy

    In the 2012/13 period alone, the Health and Safety Executive state that over 78,000 injuries to employees were reported under RIDDOR. Regardless of industry, accidents at work are rife, and RSI is one of the most common causes for work-related injury and absence. Where is an RSI likely to strike? No industry is completely RSI….

    Treatment for RSI: Immobilisation

    Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) is one of the more common accidents at work. It is often believed that RSI is less severe than other injuries – for example those obtained from falls or machinery malfunctions – however, RSI can lead to immobilisation, which can be extremely painful and disabling. Causes of RSI at work RSI….

    Carpal tunnel syndrome advice

    We at Accident Advice Helpline receive many calls from people seeking carpal tunnel syndrome claim advice. Most of these individuals have contracted carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) as a result of their occupations. If you have developed this painful condition due to the work you do, we can help you claim compensation from your employer. However,….

    Where to get RSI compensation advice

    RSI will be a familiar term to many people, especially those who have experienced the condition for themselves. The letters stand for repetitive strain injury, and as the name might reveal to you, it refers to a condition where pain is experienced through certain repeated movements in the hands, wrists and arms. It may also….

    Compensation for typing RSI

    RSI, or repetitive strain injury, is experienced most commonly by factory workers or those working in an office environment, and typing RSI is unfortunately all too common. Sitting at a desk all day typing means holding your arms and hands in unnatural positions, which can lead to muscle strain and fatigue. RSI actually covers a….

    Repetitive strain accident claim

    When working at a post that requires you to repeat the same process repeatedly, the prospect of injury is high, along with the probability that you may need to make a repetitive strain accident claim. Any occupation where an action is constantly repeated for long periods of time can result in the muscles, nerves and….

    Steps to prevent repetitive strain injury

    Repetitive stain injury is the term used to describe a number of upper body injuries, which are caused, in most cases, by repetitive and forceful work-based tasks, or by poor posture. Sadly, thousands of people in the UK suffer from repetitive strain injury each year. This is so shocking because repetitive strain injury is something….

    How you could develop repetitive strain injury

    Repetitive strain injury is one of those conditions which can have many causes, so asking how you could develop repetitive strain injury is not always as simple a question as you may think. However, it would be fair to say that most people who develop repetitive strain injury do so due to the conditions of….

    Claiming compensation for repetitive strain injury

    Repetitive strain injuries are amongst the most common injuries sustained by individuals in the workplace. They typically occur when the nervous and musculoskeletal systems are affected by the carrying out off repetitive or forceful tasks, and even by the vibration of various pieces of equipment, or being forced into uncomfortable positions for long periods of….

    Symptoms of repetitive strain injury

    More and more people are being struck down with the symptoms of repetitive strain injury in the UK than ever before. One of the main reasons for this is that the number of static activities, such as typing and using smartphones, are on the rise. This, combined with increasingly stressful workplaces, busy lives and the….

    What is a repetitive strain injury?

    A repetitive strain injury (commonly abbreviated to RSI) is an umbrella term used to describe pain that occurs in the nerves, muscles and tendons; and which is caused by repetitive motions and overuse of equipment. The condition primarily affects upper body parts, including: Hands and wrists Shoulder and neck Elbows and forearms What is a….

    Treatment for repetitive strain injury

    Although there are a number of adjustments that employees and sufferers can make to equipment and working conditions in order to reduce the impact upon repetitive strain injuries, once an injury has occurred, it can be extremely difficult to treat and manage. The key to a good recovery from repetitive strain injury is catching it….

    The cost of making a repetitive strain injury claim

    If you are suffering from a repetitive strain injury, and it was caused by work, you do not have to suffer in silence. Our personal injury lawyers, here at Accident Advice Helpline, can help you to make a repetitive strain injury claim, so that you are compensated for the pain and suffering that has been….

    Carpal tunnel syndrome claims

    When making carpal tunnel syndrome claims, how much could the individual expect to receive? One of the more common ailments affecting office workers is carpal tunnel syndrome. This is an injury caused by continual repetitive movements, such as using a keyboard or mouse, or even writing by hand, for long periods of time. We are….

    Repetitive strain compensation

    A repetitive strain injury is exactly what the name suggests, and injury caused by a repetitive action. They are very common with workers who sit at a keyboard all day, or work with machinery that requires the same movement again and again. Your employer is supposed to make sure you take regular breaks from such actions,….

    Repetitive strain injury to your wrist

    When you’ve been affected by repetitive strain injury to your wrist, you must take as much action as you can in order to treat your injuries in the fastest way possible. Though this might sound like something that does not need to be done, it can often help to prevent the injuries from becoming any….

    Repetitive strain injury accident

    Whilst you are going about your daily activities, you’ll find that you’re likely to encounter a number of injuries, many of which could cause you to fall seriously ill, which could make you feel very poorly. Biking Accidents For example, one of the injuries you could sustain, is in a biking accident. A biking accident….

    Repetitive strain injury claim

    Whilst you are doing the usual things you would do on a normal day, there are a number of different injuries which could impact you and affect you in the long term. For instance, whilst you are commuting to work, you might be involved in a pedestrian accident. Beware of pedestrian accidents A pedestrian accident….

    Repetitive strain injury in the workplace

    The injuries that could occur whilst working in an office vary, and there is a number of different ways in which you could find yourself the victim of an accident that was caused due to no fault of your own. Working in the office For example, whilst you’re using some of the equipment that is….

    Repetitive strain personal injury claim

    Repetitive strain injury is something that can affect a number of people in a number of different situations. It can often occur as you are working on a computer, as you are typing on a keyboard for example. However, it can also occur in a number of other ways, and it could happen whilst you’re….

    Advice for a repetitive strain injury claim

    Whilst in the workplace, you might find that there are a number of different dangers which could present themselves, and potentially cause you harm. These dangers tend to vary, depending on your workplace, and there are number of different things that could happen to you as a result of working in a dangerous environment. In….

    Repetitive strain incident

    You may be suffering from a repetitive strain incident or injury if you experience regular Stiffness in your upper body Cramp Tingling in your hands and fingers Weakness It could be that this has happened because you work in an office and you carry out repetitive tasks like using a keyboard constantly at speed all….

    Repetitive strain injury in your arms

    When most people think about repetitive strain injury, arm injuries sustained in the workplace, hard manual labour comes to mind, quite understandably. The truth is however, that repetitive strain injuries in arms can, and often are, related to office-based admin and clerical roles. Repetitive strain injuries are not always caused by traditional manual labour. In fact,….

    Repetitive strain injury symptoms

    If you do develop repetitive strain injury symptoms, it will be important to catch them quickly if you’re going to stand as good a chance as possible of stopping them progressing and hopefully reversing them. This can be tough, as they typically come on gradually over time after you’ve been carrying out monotonous tasks repeatedly,….

    Repetitive strain injury personal injury

    There are a number of vocations that might lead to workers suffering some form of repetitive strain injury personal injury. You may think that these might be limited to professions that involve the use of heavy machinery or those that require repeated heavy lifting. This assumption would be wrong however. As the name of the….

    RSI injuries from work

    RSI injuries from work are responsible for over 4.7 million days worth of labour being lost per year in the workplace here in the UK alone. Sustaining an RSI that has an adverse effect on all aspects of your life can be quite debilitating, and if your employer is responsible for that injury, then you’re perfectly within….

    Help with RSI claims

    Many workers here in the UK have a problem with some form of RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) and giving them help with RSI claims is something that we here at Accident Advice Helpline can do. The prevalence of RSI in the workplace Known officially by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) as ULDs (Upper Limb Disorders), RSIs….

    RSI treatment

    If you find yourself in the position of having to obtain RSI treatment from your GP, you may well be entitled to launch a personal injury claim for compensation against your employer. First, you must be able to prove that your employer is to blame, and you will need medical proof of the injury you….

    RSI personal injury

    If you need help with an RSI personal injury claim, then this article will be of interest. We are Accident Advice Helpline; we are one of the nation’s favourite injury claim lawyers, and RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) is one of the categories of injury that we specialise in. RSIs can have serious consequences An RSI….

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