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Car injury compensation how much

If I am making a claim for car injury compensation how much am I able to receive?

If you are looking to make a claim for car injury compensation, how much you receive will depend on many different factors that can be broken down into different sections. The main factor taking into account when calculating the amount of compensation that is paid out is the pain and suffering that you have received directly from the accident.

Generally, going on past examples, someone who has received injuries that leaves them unable to complete their normal physical activities for around a week will receive the minimum compensation amount. For injuries that are very severe and have long-term effects, the compensation can, in some cases reach tens or hundreds of thousands.

As part of the pain and suffering that is calculated, it will be divided into past and future economic loss from the accident. Past economic loss will account for the loss that you incurred while recovering from your injuries such as time off work and medical costs. This can also include interest and superannuation that you otherwise would have received.

The other area of pain and suffering taken into account is the future economic loss or lost earnings from the accident. In this area, evidence from a doctor or specialist about the specific disability or impairments that you will have to deal with are very important. Calculations will determine how long you are impaired and discount that total value back to a present value for you to receive in a lump sum if your claim is successful.

Another factor that will be a part of the calculations is your future medical expenses that you will have to pay for such as assistive devices, medical aids such as hearing aids and replacement costs for these items in the future.

Finally, a factor that is often missed in the calculations of compensation amounts is the costs to pay for voluntary or paid home assistance from a carer if that is something that you will be needing. Evidence will be needed to support your claim of needing assistance and the estimated costs will be required as well.

Who do I contact if I making a claim for car injury compensation and how much can I receive?

If you find yourself asking the questions “Who do I contact if I making a claim for car injury compensation and how much can I receive?” then the answers are “Accident Advice Helpline” and “It depends” respectively.

A compensation claim can be made with the experienced law firm Accident Advice Helpline by calling the phone number 0800 689 5659. A friendly advisor will take your call and can give you an estimate of how much you can receive from a claim.