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Car damage

I know I can claim for car crash personal injury – can I also claim for car damage?

Thanks to television marketing, most people are now aware that if they are involved in a road traffic accident that wasn’t their fault, they can claim compensation for their injuries.  Less people realise that there is a second claim that they can make for the expense of their car damage.

When we talk about car damage, we don’t just mean the repair of the actual vehicle itself. When you are involved in a collision, you are suddenly bombarded with all kinds of costs. And of course, if you were not to blame for the collision, it would be very unfair for you to have to foot the bill for these expenses.

So for example, immediately after a collision, you may need to pay for roadside assistance or a recovery vehicle from a garage.  You may need to get yourself and your passengers home, which could mean expensive taxi fares or other transportation costs. These are the expenses incurred before you even leave the scene. In the next few days, you then have to pay for the excess on your insurance, with the hope that it will be returned to you at some point. You also have to pay for alternative travel arrangements, such as a hire car, train fares or bus fares to get you and your passengers to work.  Even the little things like the numerous calls you’ll need to make to insurers and garages. It all costs money. This is what we mean by car damage.

So I can claim for all these expenses, too?

Yes, you need to be recording all of these expenses in detail, keeping your receipts and proof of payment. Your main route to claim these car damage expenses is through your car insurance company. They should be recovering all of these costs from the other party’s insurers. So many people don’t realise that all of these incidental costs can be claimed – don’t end up out of pocket for an event that you didn’t cause.

What about my personal injury compensation claim?

Remember that you still need to make your claim for personal injury, on top of your car damage claim. Your insurance company may try to persuade you that you have to use a personal injury compensation solicitor that they provide or recommend. This is simply not the case though. Your insurance company is not allowed to force you to accept their recommendation. Your choice of compensation route is entirely up to you.

You may decide that you will have more transparency and support from a specialist compensation support company. You are welcome to give Accident Advice Helpline a call and see how we could work with you alongside your insurance company. Our friendly advisors will be happy to talk to you about your circumstances on a no obligation basis. And remember that all of our cases are taken on a no win no fee basis, so you are able to receive all of our expertise and years of successful compensation recovery without any financial risk to yourself. Give our team a call on 0800 689 5659 to discuss things in more detail.