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Car crash settlements

Road casualty data paints a fairly optimistic picture of the safety of the roads in Great Britain today. The overall trend is down but seems to be stabilising. As a nation, we experience around 1,700 fatalities per year on the roads. Whilst this figure represents an overall decrease, it is still a huge loss of life. It causes untold misery for many families. The statistical evidence indicates that figures for deaths on the road are stable and are no longer falling. The situation for casualties on the roads shows a similar trend and stands at 186,000 people injured in road traffic accidents each year.

Statistics do not represent the bigger picture of pain, disruption and inconvenience that injuries following road traffic accidents can cause. Behind the figures are thousands of families struggling to cope with day to day life, transport, household tasks and child care. Some victims are coping with milder injuries such as whiplash whilst others are dealing with life-changing injuries such as brain injuries or lost limbs.

Car crash settlements are a method of restoring some balance to the situation and helping those who are in need. If you have suffered an injury caused by a car crash within the last 3 years, we may be able to help. Was the accident caused by someone else? Accident Advice Helpline can assist you with putting a claim for compensation together. We have been handling this type of personal injury claim for more than 16 years. Call us now and we can explain more.

When car crash settlements are needed

There are many road safety initiatives focussed on some of the leading causes of road traffic accidents. No single factor can explain an increase or a reduction in road traffic accidents. However, there are some circumstances that play a role in many accidents. They are:

  • The distance travelled by people. The more time you spend on the roads, the more likely you are to have an accident that is not your own fault. If you never get in a vehicle or go anywhere near a road, you will never be involved in an accident.
  • The mode of transport that you use. Some modes of transport are involved in accidents more often. Motorbikes are a typical example. As a motorbike rider or passenger, you are more likely to be involved in an accident.
  • The behaviour of drivers, riders and pedestrians. Many road traffic accidents could have been avoided if people had behaved differently.

Car crash settlements play a role in sending a message that careless and reckless driving is not acceptable. A claim for personal injury can run alongside any criminal investigations or actions that the police decide to pursue. The settlement is a way of getting you the financial compensation that you need to get your life back on track and protect your family’s financial security. Give us a call for an informal chat about a claim.

Getting help with car crash settlements

Car crash settlements are now common and you may know several people who have already made one. However, that does not mean that they are an expert at them. Well-meaning friends and family can give false and misleading advice.

It’s important to get accurate legal information from professionals. An expert solicitor will be able to advise on whether you have sufficient grounds for a claim. Then they can tell you about the evidence that will be needed and how it can be collected. A skilled personal injury solicitor will be able to shield you from most of the paperwork and will know exactly how to present your case to give it the best chance of succeeding.

It is highly unlikely that you will have to appear in court as most car crash settlements are reached out of court. You will probably be able to handle the whole process from the comfort of your home which is especially welcome if you have mobility issues. We pride ourselves on making the whole process as easy as possible for you. We have perfected our systems and processes to be efficient, friendly and accessible. Call us today and we can tell you more.

Car crash settlements with no upfront legal fees.

Some victims of road accidents never make a claim and so they never get the compensation that they are entitled to. This is a great shame for them and is something that we here at Accident Advice Helpline have been trying to change.

Our highly respected Patron, Dame no win no fee guarantee. You get all the support you need and financial peace of mind about claiming. Call us today to find out more.

Don’t delay starting car crash settlements

There is nothing to be gained by delaying starting your personal injury claim. The most successful claims are those that are started soon after the accident. All of the details are fresh in everyone’s mind and the evidence is easy to get hold of. You do not have to be recovered from your injury before you claim. You can even start the process from your hospital bed if you need to.

You could start by taking our unique 30-second test™ which will give you an indication of whether you are eligible to claim. You can even get an estimate of how much compensation you may get. However, it is important to bear in mind that this is only an estimate as all claims are different.

The next stage is to give us a call for an informal chat. This puts you under no obligation to start a claim with us. Just use it as an opportunity to ask any questions and clear up anything that you are unsure about. Our advisers are highly trained, knowledgeable and very friendly.

After the phone call, you may decide to go ahead with a claim through Accident Advice Helpline. This is where our support starts and we will be with you right until the end of the claim. One of our skilled legal team will take on your case and will keep you updated on how things are going.

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