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Car crash claims in the UK

No legal requirement to report a car crash if a horse is involved

There is no legal requirement to report an accident if a horse is involved in car crash claims in the UK. One criteria that would change this; and that is if someone needs to be taken to hospital from the scene of the accident due to injury.

Accidents between horses and cars can be very serious, but can go largely unrecorded. It is amazing when you look at what could happen:

  • Car completely written off
  • Horse tragically dies
  • Horse rider seriously injured, but is not transported to hospital from the scene by ambulance
  • Car driver and passenger all could be injured, but not be transported to hospital from the scene of the accident.

There are over 3000 accidents reported each year involving horses and road users. However, because of this strange anomaly in the law for the requirement to report horse-related car crash claims in the UK, many more accidents are going un-reported.

Leading equestrian organisations in the world are campaigning to change this. They insist that reporting of car crash claims in the UK must be made statutory to protect equestrian road users, as well as those driving vehicles on the road.

There are numerous reasons, not least that if there is no obligation to report the accident and the details of the accident, claiming insurance or accident compensation is more difficult.

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We have a team of specialist solicitors, who will work hard on your behalf. We aim to ensure the claim process is as fast and easy as possible, and that you get the maximum compensation you deserve. Your solicitor will look at every detail around the accident and see where there has been negligence. Negligence is where one party fails to act carefully or to perform a certain act with a duty of care to someone else. So for example, if someone is speeding in their car and crashes into a horse and its rider, then the driver of the car might be cited as being negligent of their duty to drive carefully.

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