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Car accident payouts

Here at Accident Advice Helpline we often get queries from customers and potential customers in regards to car accident payouts.  Have you been involved in a car accident yourself and do you have your own queries, questions and concerns about car accident payouts?  Well if this is the case then Accident Advice Helpline is here to help.  Please read on to find out more.

Car accident payouts

A common question that we hear at Accident Advice Helpline is, “How much cash compensation will I receive for my car accident payouts?”It is not always possible to give exact figures but we can however do our very best to give you a good idea and estimation of the amount that you could be looking at.

Being involved in a car accident, especially when it is not your fault, is a traumatic and upsetting experience and nobody should have to suffer in this way. When it comes to financial compensation, Accident Advice Helpline are the people who are best placed to fight for your compensation.

One of the great benefits of Accident Advice Helpline is that they will do this on a no win no fee basis. Accident Advice Helpline can take care of many of the practicalities, but there are many things which you can do to help yourself too.

In order to win any claim for compensation after a car accident, Accident Advice Helpline has to prove that the other driver was in some way negligent or acting wrongfully. Sometimes this negligence is very obvious and extremely easy to prove, such as if the other driver was speeding, talking on their mobile phone, under the influence of alcohol or following your car too closely. If you think that any of these circumstances may apply after you have a car crash, take notes or photographs showing the positions of the cars, any damage and showing any adverse weather conditions such as ice or snow.

Once we have established that the other driver is at fault and you are eligible to make a claim we can start looking at car accident payouts. It can be very difficult to give an exact figure for the average car accident payouts. This is because each case is different and amounts will vary depending on the exact circumstances. For example, the average payout for an injury such as whiplash would be much less than the average payout for a more serious injury such as loss of a limb.

You should speak to the experts at Accident Advice Helpline for specific guidance. Their many years of experience in winning similar cases means that they can quickly assess the level of compensation which may be due to you.  To get in touch please can our helpline number, 0800 689 5659 phone.