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Car accident history

There are several sets of paperwork associated with a personal injury claim and Accident Advice Helpline will do their best to help you out with as much of it as they can. However, there are some aspects that you will have to deal with because you are the only one who can provide the accurate information. One aspect is the car accident history. A car accident history is the accurate and detailed account of what exactly happened immediately before and during the accident.

The accident history is carefully analysed to determine who was at fault for the accident. This is the first step of a personal injury claim and your Accident Advice Helpline personal injury lawyer will be helping with this.

What you should put in your car accident history

If you fill your accident history with useless information then it is not going to be much use to your Accident Advice Helpline personal injury lawyer. However, if it is a clear and detailed account of what happened then it will help them to establish exactly who was to blame for the car accident. This will be the person that you will be claiming from – they will pay you the compensation.

You should try and remember the positions of the vehicles immediately before, during and after the accident. You may estimate the speed at which the vehicles were driving and the direction. An accident history may also include the road and weather conditions at the time of the crash. These can be very important. It is well known that rain, ice and snow can make the road surface more slippery and can make it more difficult for cars to stop quickly.

A good car accident history would include the contact details of people who saw the accident take place – these are the witnesses. They can be asked to provide statements as your claim progresses.

Some people include sketches or plans in their car accident history as it gives a good picture of where all the vehicles were in relation to each other and to the road lay-out. It is also becoming increasingly common to include photographs in a car accident history as they can give an accurate picture of what happened and most people now have a camera close at hand on their mobile phones.

The most important thing is to be accurate. Very few cases end up in court but some do, so your car accident history will be used as formal evidence.

Later on you will be asked for some more details to supplement your car accident history. You will be asked for details of all the money that you have lost because you are injured and for proof of this such as receipts.

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