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When a car accident is not your fault

Unfortunately, car accidents are common but they can cause serious injury. Common car accident injuries we hear about regularly at Accident Advice Helpline include whiplash, neck strain, head trauma and back trauma. However, you can claim for any injury as long as it has caused you pain and suffering and you were not the one at fault.

If a car accident is not your fault: negligence

Determine first if the car accident is not your fault. This means you must consider everything that happened in the lead up to the accident, including whether you could be held responsible. If you drove while under the influence, after having very little sleep or you were on your mobile phone, it is possible that you may be held partially responsible. If, however, you were driving safely and it is clear that the car accident was not your fault, then they will be held negligible. At AAH, we deal with complaints about others causing traffic accidents every day so we know how to help you. We are accredited by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) which means that we have dealt with various cases related to injuries caused by a car accident.

Don’t suffer in silence

If you think that your car accident was not your fault, then you shouldn’t keep quiet about it. Many others could suffer at their hands so it is important to ensure that the other party is aware they were at fault. Even if you were the one who crashed, it may be because the other person made a wrong turn or they were preoccupied with something else, such as talking on their mobile phone so you should try to obtain evidence of your claims. Our helpline is open 24/7 and our advisers are available during working hours to speak with you. If you need to call later, we will call you back to discuss your case and you can make the choice whether or not to proceed. We operate on a no win no fee basis so you do not need to fork out money upfront to receive advice from us.

You could have been the victim of an injury when a car accident is not your fault therefore you may need to take time off work. This could cause financial difficulties therefore making a compensation claim can help you cope with living costs and medical costs while you get better.