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Can I sue for an electric shock at work?

Thankfully, the number of people who receive an electric shock at work each year is very small. Most employers take every care to minimise the risks and hazards all employees are exposed to, managing those that cannot be removed as well. However, if you have received an electric shock while at work, it is well worth evaluating what happened to you and how it happened, because this may hold the answer to whether a compensation claim would meet with success.

Electrical safety at work is something that affects everyone, and every employer, too. While electricians work with electricity daily, any worker could potentially be at risk. This is because every workplace will have lights, machinery, and other things that require electricity to work. Faulty wiring could be all it takes to cause injury to those who are nearby.

What injuries might someone receive from an electric shock at work?

Injuries could range from mild ones to those that can threaten the life of the person concerned. The voltage and strength of the current will have a significant effect on the outcome, but people can and have survived huge shocks in the past. Others have lost their lives while encountering much milder currents, so the voltage is not necessarily something to go by.

However, even mild injuries could lead to a compensation claim being made by the person concerned. If you had an electric shock while at work, and you believe it was because of negligence – perhaps on the part of your employer, or someone else who was responsible for health and safety – you should find out whether you could make a claim.

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