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Can you have a sprained ankle with no bruising?

A sprained ankle is a relatively easy injury to pick up. If you are walking on uneven ground or you fall and land awkwardly on your feet, you can easily damage the ligaments in your ankle, usually on the outside of the joint. With any sprained ankle, no bruising is a possibility – it all depends on how bad the injury is. The more serious the sprain, the more likely it is you will have bruising appearing around the affected area.

There are three grades of sprains, and if you see your GP or someone at your nearest A&E department to identify the injury and how bad it is, they will probably grade it with a number – one, two or three. Three is the worst sprain you can have, where the ligament is completely torn. You will almost certainly have bruising with this. The other two grades are less serious, and a Grade 1 sprain is the mildest injury that may not result in bruising.

Can you claim for a sprained ankle with no bruising?

The crucial factor here is not whether you are bruised or not, but how the accident happened. If negligence on the part of another person caused you to sprain your ankle, then yes, a claim could be started.

You have a three-year period in which to make a claim for it to be valid, so do bear this in mind. Additionally, you should get expert legal advice to make sure you know whether a claim is possible and how you should move on from this point.

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Even a sprained ankle with no bruising can be very painful and difficult to walk on, taking time to heal. It could be you know who was responsible for inadvertently causing you to have your accident, or perhaps you are unsure. Whatever applies in your situation, make sure you speak to our advisors now to find out whether a claim may work in your favour.

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