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Can I claim for a broken ribs accident?

For anyone asking: “can I claim for a broken ribs accident,” the answer is it that it will depend on the circumstances surrounding the incident. In order to make a valid claim for compensation you should not have been wholly responsible for your injury; in other words, it must not be the result of your own negligence.

In order to make a claim for such an accident it needs to be shown that your injury was caused by someone else failing in their duty of care.

Broken ribs accident scenarios

There are various scenarios that could cause you to suffer an injury to your ribs. It might have been tripping on an uneven pavement or on a wet floor in a supermarket. You might have also suffered broken ribs in a workplace accident or as the result of a road traffic accident. Whatever the location or cause of the injury, as long as someone else or another body was responsible through their negligence or failure to meet a duty of care, you may well have grounds for making a successful claim.

If you are to make a claim following a broken ribs accident you should understand that there are time limits; in this case it is within three years of the incident. It is also in your best interests to seek the advice of a solicitor if you are contemplating making taking legal action.

Here at Accident Advice Helpline we are personal injury specialists who are experienced in dealing with broken ribs accident claims. By consulting with us you will be able to determine whether you have grounds for making such a claim. If we believe you do have grounds one of our legal team will be happy to represent you. This will be particularly important if liability is denied or it is claimed that your injuries were caused by your own negligence.

Gathering evidence for your broken ribs accident claim

Our ability to determine whether you have grounds for a claim following a broken ribs accident, and if so to represent you, will be determined by the information you provide us with. This will typically include your own recollections and, most importantly, evidence from any third parties who witnessed the incident. Valuable additional evidence can often be garnered from CCTV footage.

A statement from a police officer who investigated the accident, which should have happened if it was a road traffic accident, or the log from the accident book if the injury was suffered at work, will also assist us.

It is very important that that your injuries are examined by a doctor, as his or her report could determine the size of any successful compensation award. Our solicitors here at Accident Advice Helpline will endeavour to ensure that your broken ribs accident claim not only compensates you for your pain and suffering, but also for loss of income caused by having to take time off work recovering, and for additional expenses such as medical and travelling costs.

Having received a positive answer to the question: “can I claim for a broken ribs accident?” some people are afraid to appoint a solicitor, because they fear being faced with substantial legal costs. At Accident Advice Helpline we operate a system whereby you will not have to pay any upfront fees when you appoint us to instigate legal proceedings on your behalf.