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Can a head injury cause epilepsy?

If you have suffered a head injury and you’re wondering, “Can a head injury cause epilepsy?” we’re here to answer that question. Most people who suffer a brain injury will never have a seizure, but it is possible to have a seizure, usually in the days or weeks following your accident. Post-traumatic epilepsy can result from brain damage sustained after a head injury, which may need to be treated with antiepileptic drugs or surgery.

If you have sustained a head injury, you’re at greater risk of seizures in the months and years following your accident, and if you want to know can a head injury cause epilepsy, then the answer is yes, in some cases it can, although it’s fairly uncommon. If this has happened to you and somebody else is to blame for your accident, you could contact a personal injury lawyer to find out more about making a no win no fee claim for compensation.

Will I need to take antiepileptics after my seizure?

It’s impossible for us to answer this and you will need to be diagnosed by a medical professional if you have had a seizure after your accident. This could be a one-off, or it could be the start of the development of post-traumatic epilepsy which may need to be controlled with medication or surgery. Your doctor will normally send you for a scan before deciding what treatment, if any, is needed.

If somebody else caused your accident – for example if you suffered a brain injury after a car crash caused by a speeding driver – you could make a claim for compensation and they could be held liable for your injuries. You probably won’t have to go to court, as most claims can be processed over the phone, and if you’re unable to make a claim yourself then a family member can do so on your behalf.

Why does a head injury cause epilepsy?

Head injuries don’t always cause epilepsy, but trauma to the brain of any kind can lead to seizures, which could recur. The important thing is to get the medical attention you need after your accident, and if you want to find out if you’re entitled to claim personal injury compensation, make sure you contact Accident Advice Helpline within three years of your accident.

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