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Can you get food poisoning from prawns?

Some foods tend to be more closely associated with food poisoning than others. Think of undercooked chicken, pork that hasn’t been cooked through properly and mussels, for example. Most foods are safe to eat if they are stored and cooked in the proper manner. There are ways to determine whether mussels are safe to eat before you cook them, for instance. So, with that in mind, can you get food poisoning from prawns?

The short answer is a definite yes, but most people won’t be affected if the prawns are stored and prepared properly, and cooked in the proper way. If they are cooked and served cold, they should have been stored in a cold enough temperature to avoid the possibility of food poisoning.

Is it common to get food poisoning from prawns?

Thankfully, no, but prawns do tend to be a culprit of food poisoning when people get this condition from eating fish. Prawns and other types of shellfish tend to cause most of the cases of food poisoning that are caused by eating fish. Oysters are another potential problem, but tend to be more dangerous if eaten raw – which some people insist on doing.

Most of the time, you can happily eat prawns with no ill-effects. But do watch the date on the packaging if you eat them, and make sure they are stored at the proper temperature and are not left out to go up to room temperature. If basic food safety rules are not followed, this increases the chances of one or more people falling ill by getting food poisoning from eating prawns.

Did you get food poisoning after eating a takeaway or going to a restaurant?

Most instances where people eat out are fine. But every now and then, rare cases occur where people fall ill after eating contaminated food. If you’ve contracted food poisoning from prawns, make sure you get advice from our team today. Accident Advice Helpline may have the word ‘accident’ in our name, but we do deal with food poisoning cases as well.

So, if you’ve been ill in the last three years and you think food poisoning was the cause, speak to a member of our team now on 0800 689 5659. It’s easy to get in touch and it might benefit you.