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Can you get food poisoning from beef?

Food poisoning from beef is closely associated with a bacterium known as E. coli. No doubt you’ve heard of this – and you may have experienced it if you ate beef that wasn’t cooked properly and you ingested the bacteria without realising.

Most people know beef can be served pink in the middle, and steak can be served rare or medium-rare, as well as in other more well-cooked states. However, when you eat beef in a rare state, there is a greater chance there will be bacteria that could survive the cooking process. In terms of food poisoning, people tend to fall ill through eating undercooked or raw beef that is processed and used in things such as beef burgers.

How can you stay safe?

When you cook burgers, meatballs or anything else of a similar nature, make sure it is cooked all the way through before you serve it. This is vital if you are going to avoid getting food poisoning.

However, if you eat out, you are not going to be cooking the food yourself. You are relying on the expertise of the chef to ensure the food is cooked and served in an acceptable condition. Don’t be afraid to bring undercooked meat to their attention – it could save you from being ill.

Can you get compensation if you have had food poisoning from beef?

There is a chance you could claim if you can get evidence that someone was negligent in their handling of the meat you ate. E. coli produces all kinds of symptoms, and while many people recover quickly, the experience is far from pleasant. It is also frustrating when you know you could have avoided it completely if proper food safety rules and procedures had been followed.

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