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Can food poisoning cause a headache?

If you have ever been struck down by food poisoning you’ll know that nausea, stomach cramps, vomiting and diarrhoea are par for the course. But can food poisoning cause a headache? In some cases, food poisoning can lead to fever and this can in turn cause headaches and aching muscles, leaving you feeling very unwell. It’s not the best idea to take medication such as over-the-counter painkillers if you are suffering from food poisoning – rest, plenty of fluids and a cold compress on your head should help.

If your food poisoning was caused after eating out at a restaurant or ordering takeaway food, you could find you’re able to make a claim for personal injury compensation.

Why does food poisoning cause a headache?

Can food poisoning cause a headache? Well, yes, but it’s more rare than some of the other symptoms you will experience. Feeling unwell and vomiting can lead to a headache too, but most people will start to feel better within a few days – for some types of food poisoning it can take around a week to make a full recovery. You should make sure you get in touch with the establishment where you ate or ordered food from to let them know if you have been ill.

You can also get in touch with Accident Advice Helpline to see if you could make a no win no fee claim for personal injury compensation. Food poisoning can often lead to time off work to recover, and we’re able to help you get compensation for lost wages as well as your pain and suffering, so you don’t need to lose sleep over financial difficulties after you have been ill.

Should you make a claim for food poisoning compensation?

Here at Accident Advice Helpline, we believe anybody who has been ill or injured due to somebody else’s negligence is entitled to make a personal injury claim. Establishments serving food have a responsibility to ensure food poisoning doesn’t affect their customers, so if you have been ill, you could get in touch with us to make a claim for compensation.

Our advisors offer confidential advice and have over 15 years’ experience helping people to claim, so call our freephone helpline today on 0800 689 5659 to find out more about making a no win no fee claim. We’re waiting to take your call and help you get the compensation you deserve.