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Can I claim for an injury on a team building exercise?

If you’ve been hurt during a corporate event designed to bring your workforce together, you may be wondering, ‘can I claim for an injury on a team building exercise?’ The answer in short depends on whose fault the injury was.

Accident Advice Helpline have years of experience in settling personal injury claims, and are ideally positioned to advise you on whether an injury on a team building exercise could qualify for compensation.

We operate a free helpline, and if you decide to go ahead with your claim we can put you in touch with one of our team of expert lawyers, all of whom work on a strict no win no fee basis, and will do their very best to secure you a favourable outcome.

The risks of team building exercises

Team building exercises have become increasingly popular ways for companies to build a sense of camaraderie and competitiveness among their workforce, breaking the ice that might exist between colleagues in the office or on the shop floor, and encouraging cooperation and communication.

These exercises are generally managed by private companies that offer a wide range of activities, from casinos, murder mystery evenings and indoor gaming, to cooking or drumming workshops and on to outdoor activities like paintballing, go-karting, treasure hunts or even overnight endurance courses.

The risk of injury on a team building exercise obviously varies depending on the activity, but none can be said to be completely risk free. Cuts and burns could easily be sustained on a cooking course, while strenuous outdoor activities like sailing, potholing, abseiling and motor racing obviously present the possibility of more serious injury.

All team building courses should be properly managed by the organisers to be as safe as possible, while still maintaining an appropriate level of excitement and challenge.

Get compensation for an injury sustained during a team building exercise

You can only claim for an injury on a team building exercise if it can be attributed to the fault of someone other than yourself. Most usually this would be negligence on the part of the event organiser; for instance, if equipment that they provided, like a go-kart or climbing harness, was faulty and caused you to be injured.

You might also have a case if your boss or team manager insisted that you perform an action that was obviously dangerous, resulting in injury. At Accident Advice Helpline our team of friendly, professional advisors will be able to let you know whether your accident constitutes grounds for a compensation claim.

Contacting us

To get in touch with Accident Advice Helpline, call 0800 689 5659. If you’ve been injured on a team building exercise you shouldn’t feel that you’re somehow letting the team or your company down by lodging a claim for compensation, or feel that your colleagues and employers will think any less of you. Remember, compensation is a legal right, and helps make team building safe for everyone in the future.