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Can you claim if you are hit by a flying golf ball?

Every year, almost 40,000 golfers are admitted to hospital emergency rooms after golfing accidents, this includes spectators and golfers. In most cases, the injuries treated were caused by golfers being hit by a flying golf ball or club head. This obviously raises the question whether it is possible to claim for compensation after you were hit by a flying golf ball.

Duty of care

Golfers and others visiting golf courses share the duty of care. Participants need to prevent anyone (including themselves) being hit by a flying golf ball. Measures golfers and spectators must take to prevent golf course accidents of this type include:

  • Standing safely away from, beside or behind a golfer about to take a swing
  • Never playing from forward tees until play from back tees has ceased
  • Turning away from the sound of the ‘Fore’ warning, ducking and covering their heads

Golfers in play must prevent golf ball accidents by ensuring there is no-one in the path of their intended swing and calling a warning (‘Fore’) as they are about to take the swing.

Hit by a flying golf ball

You may be entitled to make a claim after being injured by a flying golf ball if, for instance, the golfer in play did not:

  • Warn you of their intention to take a swing by shouting ‘Fore’
  • Make sure the projected path of their ball was clear

A compensation claim may also be justified if a golfer mishit and catapulted his ball into a group of nearby spectators.

Proving responsibility

In most cases, compensation claims involve the claimant having to prove that someone else was responsible for their injury. This may include gathering statements from witnesses and attending medics and taking photographs of the scene and the injury. Seeking medical assistance is equally important. Your medical records will detail the extent of your injury and any medication/treatments you required.

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