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Can I claim for food poisoning?

Whether you eat food in a café or restaurant or buy it from a supermarket, you expect it to be fit for consumption. If after eating it you feel ill, you could be a victim of food poisoning. If that is the case, you may be able to make a claim for food poisoning.

To be able to claim compensation for food poisoning it needs to be proved that the food was not fit for consumption and that it made you ill. This can be problematic as it is difficult to link a bout of food poisoning with a particular meal or food that was bought. Food poisoning, in some cases, might not take effect until a few days after the food in question was consumed. That is why it is always advisable to seek legal advice when considering making a claim for food poisoning.

Here at Accident Advice Helpline, we can put you in touch with solicitors who are experienced in advising and assisting people with claims for food poisoning, and it is free to make initial contact with us through our 0800 689 5659 advice helpline.

If you believe you are suffering from food poisoning, it is advised that you seek assistance from a doctor as soon as possible. It is also important to make a list of all the food you have eaten during the previous 24 hours in order to identify the likely cause of your food poisoning.

If any of the food that was bought in a shop or supermarket is left, it should be frozen and any receipts kept as proof of purchase. If you ate in a restaurant prior to your food poisoning, you should also keep the receipt as possible evidence.

There are several reasons why the food eaten might have given you food poisoning. It may not have been cooked properly, enabling bacteria to remain in it. It might not have been stored properly or been cross contaminated by other foods containing harmful bacteria. Another cause of food poisoning is poor standards of hygiene during its preparation.

Whatever the reasons for food poisoning, whoever is liable could be deemed to have contravened the Consumer Protection Act 1987, and any claim will be made against them. The food poisoning claim can be made against those who produced the food, or imported it into the country and, in the case of own-brands, the supermarket that lent its name to it.

Your local Environmental Food Officers, when informed, will launch their own investigation into your food poisoning. Their evidence could prove crucial when you make your claim for compensation.

Our solicitors will be able to help you decide against which body, or bodies, the claim should be made.

We will represent you on a ‘no win no fee‘* basis. This means that you will not be responsible for paying our fees and expenses, whether the claim is won or lost. If it is successful, we claim from the other party. We do not take a percentage from the compensation awarded, so you will receive the entire amount.