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Can you claim for food poisoning at work?

If you think about possible situations where you might suffer from food poisoning, you might think of being at a restaurant or attending a buffet at an event. A dodgy takeaway might also come to mind. But what about getting food poisoning at work? This would be unlikely, but since many workplaces have their own canteens, they must adhere to the same high standards of food safety as every other outlet or business serving food.

Fortunately, it is uncommon for anyone to be made ill through eating contaminated food at work. While some people bring in their own meals to eat, others will take advantage of the on-site café or canteen. Since these are staffed by people who are trained in food preparation and safety, it is highly unlikely you’d be made ill by eating there.

What should you do if you get food poisoning at work?

If a dish is responsible for causing food poisoning, more than one person might end up falling ill. This means you may not be the only person to be sick through eating at work. If several cases show up, it is easier to identify the offending dish and to take steps to ensure nothing similar happens again.

In other cases, it is possible only one or two people might be ill. You should report your illness to your manager or boss, and if you suspect you were ill because you ate something at the restaurant, it should be brought to their attention.

Can you claim anything for suffering food poisoning by eating at a work canteen?

Every case is different, both in terms of symptoms and the length of time you are afflicted for. Similarly, you may find it difficult to work out whether compensation for food poisoning at work would be due to you unless you speak to a professional lawyer with experience in this area.

Fortunately, you’re closer to finding out the answer to that question than you think. By calling 0800 689 5659, you can be put through to Accident Advice Helpline, where one of our advisors can guide you through how you might be able to claim. Getting food poisoning at work is never going to be pleasant, but you may receive compensation if you make a no win no fee claim.