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Can you claim if you fall down the stairs on a double decker bus?

Whether you can claim if you fall down the stairs on a double decker bus depends on the circumstances. Here are some instances that may entitle you to make a claim.

Claim for a fall down the stairs on a double decker bus

Bus companies and drivers have a duty of care towards passengers to prevent accidental injuries. This includes:

  • Ensuring buses are in a safe, well-maintained condition
  • Keeping passages and stairs free of clutter, clean and dry
  • Waiting for all passengers to be seated before pulling off

If a bus company or driver is in breach of this duty and you are subsequently injured on a bus, you could qualify for passenger injury compensation.

You could, for example, claim if you fall down the stairs on a double decker bus because:

  • The stairs were damaged or cluttered
  • The handrail was damaged, causing you to lose your grip
  • The driver was aware of a spill on the stairs but did nothing to clear it up
  • The driver pulled off before you were seated, causing you to lose your balance

Accident Advice Helpline

As a law firm with more than a decade of experience in dealing with passenger injury claims, we can provide you with helpful, no-obligation bus accident compensation advice. What’s more, our no win no fee in-house solicitors can:

  • Support you throughout the claim process, from establishing who is liable for your personal injury and gathering supporting evidence to your claim’s successful conclusion
  • Deal with most claims over the phone
  • Often negotiate settlements out of court

The latter cannot, however, be guaranteed, as situations vary from one case to another.

Compensation amounts and time frames

The differences between cases also mean we cannot tell you exactly how much compensation you will eventually be awarded or how long it will take to get your claim settled. Any amounts or time frames we may mention are therefore rough estimates based on previous cases only.

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To get more detailed information on claiming for compensation and/or have an in-house solicitor assigned to help you with your double decker bus injury claim, call our 24-hour freephone helpline and discuss your case with one of our advisors today. You can call us from your mobile or a UK landline on 0800 689 5659 respectively. Any information we ask you to provide will be kept confidential.