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Can I claim compensation for loss of earnings?

In the vast majority of accident situations it is possible to claim compensation for loss of earnings.  This forms an important part of many claims, as it can add up to a considerable amount of money.  At Accident Advice Helpline we are always ready to advise on situations such as this, and you can call us at any time on any day of the week if you want to discuss your own circumstances.  Our advice is free and does not entail any obligation to make a claim with us.

Types of earnings loss

There are two main types of loss of earnings considered in compensation law.  The first is temporary loss of earnings caused by inability to work in the immediate aftermath of an accident.  The second is long-term or permanent loss of earnings due to disability caused by an accident.  In the former case, the amount you have lost will normally be calculated and added on to a compensation claim if you have asked your solicitor to request this; in the latter case, a set amount will normally be awarded to compensate for what you might reasonably have expected to earn.


If you are self-employed or a freelance contractor, you may still be able to claim compensation for loss of earnings.  The amount you receive will normally be calculated as an average for the affected period, based on your annual earnings.  You will need to provide copies of your tax returns, bank statements or similar documents to prove this amount.

How claiming works

Except in unusual circumstances, claims for compensation for loss of earnings need to be made within three years.  You will need to have been treated by a medical professional so there is a record of your injuries, and you will need a good solicitor who can collect evidence and argue your case. Accident Advice Helpline prides itself on having specialist solicitors able to take on compensation cases at short notice.  This improves the chance of a successful claim and, by speeding up the process, makes it easier for you to get on with your life.

No win no fee

We take on all our cases on a no win no fee basis.  This means that if we lose your case, we will not ask to be paid at all; as you can imagine, this gives us extra motivation to win! In the few types of case where you will definitely have to pay our fees yourself, we will always warn you and give you a rough idea what these fees are likely to amount to.

We believe that when you are the victim of an accident you should not suffer financial penalties.  Covering the cost of lost earnings should be the responsibility of the person who caused the accident in the first place.  We are here to help you get justice and recover the money you should never have lost.