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Can I claim for a bowling accident?

You may well be wondering, Can I claim for a bowling accident? The fact of the matter is that a personal injury claim is viable  if the accident was caused by the negligence of the staff, and if health and safety matters were ignored. for instance, if a liquid is spilt it should be cleared up so that no one slips and is injured. Alternatively, it should be clearly signposted as a hazardous area.

Causes of injuries from a bowling accident

A member of the public using a bowling alley should feel secure in the knowledge that they can enjoy the activity without fear of a bowling accident and suffering an injury. One of the most common accidents in bowling alleys is a slip, trip or fall. This is usually attributed to two causes; it may be a wet floor, or the bowling shoes that bowling alleys provide do not fit properly or are in a poor state of repair. If the shoes feel uncomfortably big or are too small then the customer should request a better fitting pair.

For more information about what to do should a person have an accident in a bowling alley, Accident Advice Helpline can be contacted via our 24/7 helpline. Our service is available any time of night or day and will help to answer any questions regarding a personal injury claim. Our specialist law team will offer representation on a no win no fee basis in order to help the victim to recover their rightful compensation.

UK rules

A bowling alley in the UK is required by law to have public liability insurance, meaning that anybody who is injured in a bowling accident on the premises through no fault of their own is fully entitled to make a personal injury claim. Many bowling alleys have an area where there are arcade machines, ball pools and other activities aimed at children and teenagers. These areas should also be safe to use. The ball pool should be surrounded by a net to stop balls and children falling out. If a person is injured and suspects that correct safety measures are not in place, contact Accident Advice Helpline for more information. If the victim wants to know approximately how much money they would be entitled to should they file a claim for compensation, there is a short form on the website that once submitted will be dealt with by our team who will quickly respond.

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