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Can I claim being an amateur jockey?

Can I claim being an amateur jockey?

Accidents are a common occurrence in horse racing and depending on the situation, the rider of the horse may be eligible to make a compensation claim if injuries are sustained in the accident. When is it possible that the answer to the question Can I claim being an amateur jockey? is Yes?

The race course owners have a legal responsibility to make sure that the course is safe and that if accidents do happen, injuries are minimised. If your horse falls for instance, you should not expect to land on anything sharp that could injure you. Every hazard should be dealt with or the owners of the race course may find themselves facing a personal injury claim for compensation.

If you are asking the question, can I claim being an amateur jockey?, the answer depends on a variety of factors. To determine the answer and have the factors of your case evaluated by a solicitor, contact Accident Advice Helpline.

Finding the answer to can I claim being an amateur jockey is not difficult. The same rules apply as to all personal injury claims:

  • You must of been in an accident that was the fault of someone else, whether that is through negligence, carelessness or recklessness
  • You must have been injured in the accident as claims are made for personal injury
  • Your injuries do not need to have been life threatening but they do need to have been bad enough for you to seek medical attention
  • The accident you were injured in should have happened no more than three years before you start your claim

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