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Can a broken nose make teeth hurt?

If you have a broken nose, you may experience some slightly odd symptoms afterwards, but can a broken nose make teeth hurt? You wouldn’t think this could happen, but when you experience a severe blow to the nose – heavy enough to break it – you will discover you can feel pain in other areas of your face as well.

Taking painkillers in accordance with instructions will help alleviate the pain and discomfort you are bound to feel following an injury like this. If you seek medical help, your GP or a doctor at the casualty department may recommend a specific painkiller or prescribe a stronger one for you if they feel it is necessary.

A broken nose: teeth hurt, face hurts, everything hurts!

Yes, it can do, as we have already learned. You’ll also feel some swelling over your nose and under your eyes, as this is a common thing to derive from a break to the nose. But what should you do about your teeth?

Firstly, you should check and see you haven’t damaged them. A blow to the nose won’t hurt your teeth per se, but you might have experienced other injuries if you fell and hit your face as you did so. Few people are aware of all their injuries when they fall, rather than being struck directly on the nose by something. The shock of the accident means you may not feel pain to begin with, and it may not be until afterwards that you realise the extent of the injuries you could have.

Make sure you know whether a compensation claim could work out for you

Claiming compensation will be far from the first thing that occurs to you when you first receive your injury. With a broken nose, teeth hurt and other parts of your face may also have been injured. If you were not to blame for the accident and you think someone else was, you could indeed have an opportunity to claim something.

It’s easier than you’d imagine to find out whether a no win no fee claims process would be found in your favour. You can reach Accident Advice Helpline for no-obligation advice today on 0800 689 5659. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you know for certain if you could receive compensation once your claim is lodged.