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Calf injuries

When playing extreme contact sports or undergoing lifting or hauling tasks at work, a calf sprain in the leg can seem like a bad attack of cramp. It’s a painful and uncomfortable affliction which has brought many a usually brave soul to tears.

An actual torn calf muscle goes that much further and higher on the pain threshold barometer. It’s when the muscle fibres at the back of the bottom part of the leg, where the calf is located, get partially ripped or torn completely. When calf injuries happen, the leg lets you down – literally in many cases, as walking becomes a near impossibility.

Another’s negligence

Swift medical attention is vital to assess the damage but such injuries will inevitably cause the victim a great deal of pain. Calf injuries can be the result of one’s own actions or brought about by another’s negligence. If the latter is the case, then you could well be eligible for compensation for your injury and lost income from not being able to work. A free call to the 0800 Accident Advice Helpline number could be your first step in realising that compensation.

Medical attention for your calf injuries

To qualify your calf injury claim, we’ll need you to confirm that this personal injury accident happened within the last three years, you were not to blame for the injury and that you received medical attention as a result. Accident Advice helpline has a team of expert solicitors who work for their clients on a no win no fee basis, so if you’re worried about the hefty costs of representation, then don’t.

Just how much you may be compensated will be evaluated and adjudged on the severity of your injury and the effects it may have on your health and well-being long term. The quality of your life if you like and the financial consequences of you not being able to do the job you were doing pre-accident and perhaps having to take an occupation which brought in less income.

Calf injuries

With calf injuries which take place at work through someone else’s carelessness and negligence – which could be your employer – Accident Advice Helpline says it vital to get the details entered in the firm’s accident record book as soon as possible. Get photos taken of the incident scene and any objects which may have caused the accident, as well as the contact details of witnesses. An Accident Advice Helpline solicitor will then strengthen your case for a successful calf injuries claim.

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