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Bus injury claim

Need to make a bus injury claim?

Buses are a convenient and cost-effective method of transportation. However, they are just as vulnerable to accidents as any other type of vehicle. If you have suffered physical or psychological injuries as the result of a bus accident, you may be entitled to make a bus injury claim.

What are the main causes of bus accidents?

Bus accidents may result from:

  • Human error – caused by intoxication, fatigue and distractions such as mobile phones.
  • Road maintenance – caused by inadequate skid resistance on roads, inadequate road drainage and badly positioned road signs.
  • Vehicle failure – caused by design or production flaws, under or over- inflated tyres, worn brake pads and discs, faulty headlights and brake-lights.

What types of injuries can be sustained through bus accidents?

Injuries that can be caused by bus accidents include but are not limited to:

• Broken bones

• Whiplash

• Soft tissue injuries

• Concussion

• Dislocations

• Spinal injuries

• Internal organ damage

• Brain damage

• Post-traumatic stress disorder

How do you make a bus injury claim?

If you believe you may be eligible to claim compensation in respect of the injuries you sustained following a bus accident, you should call Accident Advice Helpline and seek guidance from our team of professional advisers. We will then pass your case onto an experienced solicitor, who will help you to collect the evidence required to proceed with your bus injury claim.

Your solicitor will require:

• Details of your injuries, as described in your medical notes.

• Proof that you were on the vehicle in question.

• The names and addresses of any witnesses who are able to strengthen your compensation claim.

• Photographs of the scene and/or official reports from the police.

How much compensation will you receive?

Following reviewing your case, your solicitor will be able to estimate the amount of compensation you deserve for the losses you have suffered.

Compensation settlements are made up of two main elements. The first element compensates you for your injuries and the affect they have had on your life. The second element reflects any financial losses you have suffered. More often than not, the other party will negotiate a reasonable settlement figure with your solicitor and this means that you will not have to take your bus compensation claim through the courts.

To discuss your claim with the experts, chat to Accident Advice Helpline today. Dial 0800 689 5659. There is no charge for our initial advice, and making the call places you under no obligation.